Playing spotify playlist on Sonos does not work Homey 2.0

I use Sonos beam and two sonos 1. I created a flow with spotify playlist but this does not work, only thing that works is to play a Tunein Radiostation. Where is the option to play own spotify playlist and is is there a problem with the spotify app because I upgrade the homey to version 2.0. Spotify App version is v4.0.7 beta, I also used the stable version. The screenshot attached is a chat to turn on the music. Translation is no devices with the on option are found.

I have a Sonos One and when I create a flow to start a playlist of a random song from an artist it won’t work either. I think it’s a bug.

Ok I’m not the only one. Where can we report the bug?

The bug is reported.

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I can play artists, playlists, etc but if i would like to use my personal playlist i guess i should use the URL option.

This doesn’t work. Anyone else with the same problem?

I tried the url but that seemed not to work either. Tunein does work but strangely can’t find all the stations which i can find with tunein in the sonos App. Also very strange was that my flows did not work when As: Sonos is not playing, start sonos tunein. Very strange.

Does this bug also have to be reported?

If yes, how can i do so?

I have reported my bugs here

I reported the bug in the Mobile Homey app. Apps => App > Homey Apps Store => Under Community, Report an issue.

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Have any of you found a solution for this problem? Or is it still a bug?

Hello! Anyone solved this? I’m able to play artist, other playlist besides my own…

Anyone? :slight_smile:

Have a nice one!


Have you tried to make your playlist public? No issue here playing my own playlist which is public…

Is there anyone that has a solution for this issue (sonos on Homey)?

Did you at the spotify playlist to your sonos?

The only way to play a spotify playlist on Sonos from a flow is to add it as a Sonos playlist.