Play a new playlist with sonos


I can’t manage Sonos to play a new playlist. It only add the new playlist to the current queue.

Is there a way to reset the queue?

In the Sonos app you can delete the queue

Yes. That is possible. But then I don’t need homey. Because I’d like to select playlists through homey

Add the playlists to your favorites on the Sonos, then you can start them by:

This will not work. It will queue the song in the original queue. Not override the queue .

Just tested, but for me, the new Playlist is added to the Que, but the first item of the NEW playlist is starting to play. So if the Que with 100 songs is playing and a Second playlist is ordered to start, the Second playlist is added to the Que and the number 101 starts playing. This goes for SonosPlaylist and also for Favorites.
Indeed, I don’t see a possibility to delete the Que for whatever reason you want this to do.

This is not possible because it’s not integrated in the Homey app.
Clearing the queue would be nice yes.

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Likewise Tobias. I would appreciate a clear queue option as well!
(I use a KAKU control, some of the controls start a Sonos flow with different playlists/favourites attached to them, but the songs just join the queue instead of starting them)


I have same issue. Everytime I start a playlist or favorite album it will add up in the que. Lets say I have a playlist of 100 song, next time I run Playlist it will be 200 songs, and will continue to grow…

When you have a server running you can clear the que in a flow using homey’s HTTP request flow app and a nodejs app running on the server called node-sonos-http-api. Webadres is It took me a while running this on a synology server, but now it’s running fine. every time when i start a new playlist the cue is cleared.
It’s a shame that the Athom Sonos app doesn’t do it from start.

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I have the exact same issue.
This problem makes the shuffle feature in Homey flow useless.

In Homey I want to do the following:

  1. Play playlist
  2. Shuffle

The problem now is that the playlist is added to the existing queue. Then the whole queue (including old songs) are shuffled together:/

Is there already a solution for this?

I have the same problem.

It seems that now always the same songs will play instead of a new shuffle of songs.

This will get mixed up if you shuffle. If you don’t want that your playlists always starts with the same song, the different playlists will get mixed up.

As already answered the only possibility is to use the Sonos api on github. Install the api on a raspberry pi or a Nas and you can clean up the queue before playing a new playlist. Works great. I have installed this on a synology server with Docker. With http request you can clear the playlist from a flow.

Thanks everyone this worked a treat !

Just need to learn how to turn the node js thing into a windows service to run on my server !

Have you all made a request at Athom for changing this behaviour or clearing the queue? :slight_smile:

And while you are at it, please also request the following

  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Toggle Mute

Those are missing too.

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The problem(solution) is that after using the api on github i don’t need the Sonos App at all. I deleted the app therefore, but control Sonos completely with http request.

That’s true but the app remains easier.