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Homey and Sonos (Spotify)

Sonos and Homey :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have 4 questions about Homey and Sonos:

  1. Can I make a flow where waking up by the radio (radio 538 or something) instead of a spotify playlist?
  2. Can Sonos speakers (all) grouped in Homey?
  3. Can I have a certain music file played on the sonos speakers, for example with a fire alarm?
  4. How can you manage your songchoice for a flow?

I tried a lot and the flows below don’t work fine but is the best I’ve get. The change off music don’t work in this Flow. :unamused:

Thank you for your reactions.

Question 1:

No idea.

question 2:

At the moment i experience several issues with multiple sonos devices on homey.
One device works ok. with 2 of more, the device selection is a mess (plays on other than intended device/ controls the other than intended device). I’ve got a confirmation from Athom this should be fixed in the sonos 4.0 app (the homey app that is). which i expect with homey 2.0 ish??

quesstion 3:

This can (at the moment) only be done by hardwiring the Homey jack output to a sonos input.

question 4:

Play from playlists. see this topic Flow with music play only play first track from playlist on sonos
for a way to get it to work. (sonos app is still a litte tacky at times (imho).

At point 3: for an alarm sound you can use the app Soundboard, for waking up you could use the sound of a rooster. Unfortunately this works onley via the Homey speaker or via the meantioned hardwire jack output.

thx! A step forwards! Now Sonos :sunglasses:

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. Don’t understand but probably you can’t

Thanks and clear!

Grouping is not yet possible with homey. For myself I found a solution for my problem. I have always grouped 4 sonos speakers, but when watching TV, sonos automatically ungroupes this(which I want). In the morning 1am I let Yonomi group the speakers, play 1 minute at 0% volume and then pauses. That way when I go for breakfast, sonos automatically starts playing my favorite radio with the 4 speakers grouped again.

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