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Unable to group Sonos speakers through Homey


I’ve been trying to set up a flow to play a playlist on more than one of my Sonos speakers at once, but when I try to use the “Join the group of …” card no devices show up in the list and searching for them also results in nothing. This is using the web app.

If I use iOS app I am able to find the devices fine using the “Join the group of …” card, but nothing happens when I trigger the flow. The error message is “Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined”.

I’ve tried removing the Sonos app from Homey and reinstalling it, but it doesn’t help.

Has anyone experienced this? Found a fix?

Playing a playlist from an individual speaker works fine.

Thanks in advance!

No problem here, I used the URL: https://my.homey.app/flows
After running the flow the speaker is added to the group.

Huh! That is weird, I’m doing the exact same thing as you. Problem is that my list of devices is empty, even though I have five of them added to my Homey.

Please try to click on the blue dots first (or anywhere outside the add card).

So this is what happens when I do that:


I have five devices added, but they don’t show up. Weird.

What happens if you restart the Sonos app.

Click a 2nd time on the blue circle with the 3 dots.

Unfortunately, that does nothing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I use Firefox or Chrome and I have to click 2 times on the blue circle.

Click inside the “Pick a device” bar, or enter the first character of a Sonos device in there.
(I think :grimacing: )

Thanks for your replies everyone! Unfortunately none of your suggestions did the trick. I’ve sent through a support request to Athom for them to look at. Hopefully they can help me. Thanks again for taking your time with this! Cheers!

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Please update me when you have some idea. Im strugling with exactly same thing. But im able to actually add speakers on flow

But true web app, i dont find speakers

Seems like we’re having the exact same issue. Will let you know what Athom replies to me as soon as I hear back from them.

Hey again! Just heard back from Athom. They were able to replicate the issue and are looking to fix it with the next release of the Homey app. make sure you update when they release it. :relaxed: Have a nice weekend!

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