Sonos group play


My 2 IKEA/Sonos speakers works like a charm with radio and music in a group, but I can’t get them to play a Sonos belldoor sound in a flow together! Only on speaker are playing regardless what I do.

Any advice?

Advice: share your flows.

I don’t make sense to share any flow in my end, as the Sonos Play Sound group don’t work, I already know that…

My question was to fellow people with Sonos and how, if any, they play a native Sonos sound.

I respect your opinion, good luck.

Wow… do you want help or not!

Play sound in group if sound (Lyd) on on.
The first Sonos card don’t shows as in my Homey. I can se that I connect to second speaker and don’t say object/object stuff?