Sonos on multiple speakers

I’m trying to make a flow that plays a specific TuneIn radio channel on several Sonos speakers around the house. If I add each speaker as a separate card in the flow they do now play in sync (and they appear in separate groups in the Sonos iOS app)

Is there way to play a TuneIn channel (or any other source) in sync on multiple Sonos speakers (so they appear as one group in the Sonos iOS app).

Thanks in advance!

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Problem is is grouping which is not possible on Homey. The way I do it is grouping in the Sonos App and on Homey I mute those speakers I don’t want to hear. This way the group i made in the Sonos app stays.

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I solve it like this:

Whatever trigger
Whatever condition
Speaker 1: start radio
Speaker 2: join another players group: speaker 1 (I have delay of 2 seconds on this one but not sure if it’s necessary).

With this the speakers are in sync.

Problem with that is that the groups change all the time depending on where we want to listen to music.

Great. But how do you join the speaker to another players group? I’m not able to find that option when I select a speaker in Homey…

@tralle I don’t have that option. Which version do you use? Or is this a option for newer Sonos devices?

I only use Sonos One speakers and I don’t have that option either…

Grouping is possible in Homey in the way Tralle describes.

This seems to be only available for older speakers, I have this function for the older Play-Bar and Play-3 speakers. I don’t have the line “Play an Audio Clip”, is only available for the newer generation speakers.
(It’s not a mather off scrolling up your screen? )

Strange I also have the older playbar, play 1 and 3, but have for neither off them this option

I have this option on all my speakers; older and newer play:1s and a beam. Homey Sonos app v 5.0.11.

It might depend on the app version at the time of installation / adding of the devices. One could try to remove the devices and re-add them. More radical could be to remove all Sonos devices, uninstall the Sonos app, reinstall app and add devices again.

I removed then Sonos app completely and re-installed it. That did the trick!

Thanks a lot.

I tried this and it is working almosty nice…
But the grouped speakers gets ungrouped time after time.

Any idea why?

The way Tralle explained doesn’t work for me, i also don’t have the option “join another players group”. So, i guess that the way you suggested is the only way.

I also have occasionally this problem. I had the most problems when watching TV. I had to change a setting in the Sonos app where my playbar was automatically ungrouped. After watching tv I have a flow that reacts when the tv turns off. In that case my stereo pair and kitchen box are unmuted and the volune adjusted.

Ah thnx… i found the setting :slight_smile:

Changed my settings. Deleted the Sonos app, restarted homey, installed Sonos again and added my sonos devices again. Now the grouping ability is added as possibility. I had to rebuild al my Sonos flows(therefore I waited a long time to do this). In combination with Logitech Harmony and Logic, grouping works better as before.

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Guys im using Home bridge with homey cloud.
By some reason homey dont sync my groups that i added in sonos. I also tried like Tralle descrpied but it didnt work. Any ideas?