Sonos - group devices / play on all devices

I struggle to get Sonos playing on all devices from a flow that I have. I choose play for each device, but it enda up playing single instances on each device, causing them not to play completely in sync.

Is there any way to group the devices using a flow, so that they play together? Or simply play on all devices as one?

You could try to set this up within the IFTTT app.
Create a WHEN flowcard and for THEN choose ‘start a IFTTT applet’ flowcard which you have to give a name.

Later on in IFTTT you create an applet which you give the same name. Try to look at Sonos services and there should be an applet ‘Play Sonos @ volume’. In the details you can select individual rooms or a group.

I haven’t tried myself yet. Also not at home at the moment so i cannot access my Sonos

Thanks a lot. That fixed it for me :blush:

It’s very sad that Athom made this app closed source and then didn’t implement the needed ‘group’ feature because it was ‘difficult’ (their words).

Hmmph - now no-one else can help either.

Well, what is it that you would like to achieve then?
I also do miss some functionality here and there but if i can manage a workaround then i’m happy.

It would be nice just to add and remove speakers from a group on the fly within a flow. I used to have rooms synched like this but now I can’t .

I do appreciate the workaround and shall use it… but if as Athom you own an integration and then make it closed source users do expect it to be as capable as the previous version … or to get, and hopefully address, this sort of issue.

I don’t like the closed source approach as really Athom are leveraging off many developers who offer their contributions ‘open source’ for free to help make Homey a better product.

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I have tried many ways to achieve grouping and ungrouping Sonos. Harmony hub, homey, Yonomi. For all methods it didn’t work out as I wanted. Especially when watching TV and afterwards listening to Sonos. One way ore the other Sonos groups were not the groups I wanted. For me I found a way it works for me. I have grouped all the Sonos boxes I want to play the same time. I have made flows in which I mute or umute the boxes that must not play or have to play. In case of watching television I searched for the command which activates my set top box. I use a Neeo remote, so I only had to search for the Json command wich activates or deactivate my set top box(Ziggo Horizon)That command triggers the flow in which I mute or unmute the boxes. As long as you find the command which triggers your device you can make a flow mute/unmute. In the Sonos app the settings for the TV must be that my Sonos playbar stays in the group I made. That way mute and unmute works fine. At this point this works perfect for me. It has been a long while ago that I needed the Sonos app for grouping/ ungrouping.