Installing apps fails: circling round in applist

When I install a new app, the app appears in de app list with a continuing circling cirle nest to the name. It doesn’t function, since i cannot alter settings (Domoticz) or add devices for this app (Zonnepanelen). All existing apps function normally, and existing devices and flows als function. I just can’t add new app which works (multiple apps tried): They all keep having a circling circle in the app list in Homey app.

I allready deinstalled the new apps, rebooted Homey and tried again but that doesn’t help.

When I try to create a diagnostic report or try to restart the new app i get the following: ‘spawn ENOMEM’

That means your Homey’s memory has been exhausted. That may be caused by another app, and you should check the memory stats (in the mobile app, “Meer > Instellingen > Algemeen > Geheugen” and press the memory chart).

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Tx, you are right. It is full, Homey itself takes 1.1GB. The rest of the apps use normal memory (minimum 8.6MB, maximum 33.7MB for Ubiquiti Unifi). How can i fix this? Restarting doesn’t help. PtP for a minute?

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PTP is always a good idea, yes.

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Tx! PtP worked fine :+1:t2: