Homey Going offline at night?

Running Homey 7.1.0 - Nothing fancy, just the ‘consumer’ version.
Homey itself is an Early 2016 model.

I have had this issue before, where in the middle of the night, Homey would somehow freeze. The trick then was to create a special flow that would reboot Homey daily, as it appeared to be an issue with a memory overflow (?).

Since the latest updates, I have noticed this is back again. Homey and I are losing credibility points in the house at an alarming rate; having to reset the little bugger a few times this week already.

I tried to get a diagnostic report, as per the instructions on submitting a support ticket, but that ended in an error in the app: a message along the lines of ‘it being too big in size’?

When I check in the app in the ‘about’ section, it shows a time since last boot that is still counted in mere minutes. The load averages are:

  • Last minute: 358%,
  • Last 5 minutes: 198%
  • Last 15 minutes: 112%

I have also tried a new USB-power plug, but no help getting this solved.

Any tips on what to try next? Or how to get that diagnostic so that Athom can take a look?

Hi Roelof.
The issue can be an app, or some apps with “ever growing” memory usage.
To locate those apps:
Check Insights for the memory usage of every app, during the last 14 days or last month.

You can workaround it by auto restart those apps daily at a convenient time.
There’s a flowcard in “System”, called “restart an app”.
If you can’t find it, enable ‘Power User’ first (phone app: go to …More>Experiments).

It can also be the problem of ‘one app too much’. Try to remove one or two big memory consuming apps for a while, and see if it makes a difference.

Homey shouldn’t be restarted (often) imho.

Here you can spot the memory use, an app shouldn’t use more than 15 - 20 MB’s in general.

Example of Insights app memory graph:

The community can’t do anything with those statements. Please complain at support@athom.com

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Sorry for adding in a little flavour :wink:

I have checked the memory usage, some Apps that I rarely use seem to have spikes in the 40MB range over the past month.

Right after a reboot, I also saw this for memory usage, is that normal/expected right after booting? It is a rather large amount for ‘Overig’/‘Other’ which remains quite constant when the rest pops in later.

Agree with you on that, but I would argue the same holds for Apps though.

Thanks for sharing your tips here, I will fiddle around with them and check in with Athom directly - see if they can help with generating a diagnostic as well :wink:

Some / many / any of the Homey owners have been there at some point :see_no_evil:.
But, those flavours won’t help speed things up here :sweat_smile:.
That being said, “otherwise my wife will kill me”, might help a bit, though :woozy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

About the memory, I never checked Other/Overig at that point in time. Right now it’s 24MB’s overhere.
On the other hand, I did check Homey’s memory usage, and it was about 130MB’s right after starting up.
Maybe Homey & Overig is the same :crazy_face:

True, but then the impact is only with the app, and there’s no other ‘nice’ way to reduce the used memory.
And I said it b/c I think not everyone is aware of the app restart option.
A Homey restart causes disruptions in your zigbee and z-wave mesh (if applicable ofc).

You’re very welcome.
Coincidence or not, Athom just released this RC firmware, but I would not recommend RC versions if you have a wife in the same home

Homey v7.1.1-rc.1 experimental
• [Z-Wave] Update send command options for improved stability
• [Core] Improve diagnostic logging
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I’m also still suffering of the increase of the core memory. Apps are doing fine but the core memory is fillng up. Then apps automatically will “shut down” or are paused. Then it is also very difficult to get a connection with homey it will give the “offline” error.

After reboot

After 24h

How does the memory statistics (geheugen statistieken) look after 24h (or right now) @wesley_w?
That’s what’s interesting