Homey unresponsive after 12 hours.in v2

Hello I need to restart the homey every 12 hours after homey 2.0.2 update. The homey process I growing in ram over 300mb I have almost disabled/ uninstalled all apps but the problem still persists.

Any body else have the same problem and have any advice.

I have not reset the homey yet .

Thanks in advance

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Can’t you just check what app that’s stealing your ram? Think it’s possible in developer.athom.com… (shoot me if I’m wrong)

Thanks great suggestion. I’ll be back.

Yes, I also had problems with the Homey process consuming all memory. I pulled the plug, waited 30 sec. and reconnected. This fixed the problem for me.
Note: a soft reboot (via Homey app) did NOT work.


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Tried that already a couple of times. Thanks

Wow! 700mb in use by homey… Must be a memory leak!

Interesting memory overview there. How was it created?

Same here since 2-3 days now.
As there’s been no new apps installed I am wondering if perhaps one App may be corrupt, causing some
Kinda uncontrolled memory stack overflow or so;

Fact is: I hate the message “homey is offline”.

It could also just be that an app is calling something in the core which has the memory leak.

Do you have any apps in common?

This is my apps

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Where can I see what’s hogging the memory in developer .?


Can we profile the Homey app?

Memory-usage in Homey Insights? But that’s only at 87,5 MB for me

People don’t want to know that it uses memory, they want to know why it uses that memory :stuck_out_tongue:

Homey’s process taking up hundreds of MB’s points to a memory leak. It could be caused by specific apps, but since we don’t have access to Homey’s core, it’s Athom that needs to address this issue (besides, even though the cause might be third-party apps, memory leaking inside Homey’s core is a bug in Homey’s core).


:thinking: memory in Insights is not the same as memory-usage of the Homey-process…

Can we send some log to athom, can’t find any email address.?

You can send them a message from the form here: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Also allows attachments to be added.


Ah, found the memory overview. I never bothered to actually click at that screen: homey app, menu option “more” at the bottom right, click on the settings gear, pick general, click on the memory graph in the overview…

I have 44 MB on ‘other’, that does not help a lot either.