Memory leak?


I have a normal 2019 Homey and it was running for > 1 month already without issues. But for some reasons apps started having issues so i started checking some system details, and i found out the “Homey component” was using 930MB of memory and filled up the entire Homey, blocking other apps from starting. Is this a known memory leak issue or is my Homey fucked?

Yes, this is a problem others often have too. Some state that the Philips Hue app is the problem and maybe installing the most new Philips Hue app solved this problem.

I myself solved this problem by restarting Homey once a week and restarting all my apps every day(ofcourse with a flow).

Which version are you running? There are other topics regarding this subject, and I believe the problems were solved after version 2.4.x

Latest stable version!