HP2023 Memory leak ending up in a reboot every few hours

Hi all,

I have been using the Homey Pro early 2023 for some time now and got my stuff programmed with some advanced flows. I have most of my devices on WiFi (KNX through a gateway, some Unifi networking and cameras, Enphase Envoy-S and some less-known items) and a few Zwave and Zigbee sensors, actuators and smart plugs. Since a couple of weeks I notice frequent rebooting indicated by the white LED ring. Further investigation learns that Homey runs its memory full in just a couple of hours. It takes typically around 7 to 8 hours before the memory is full and then an automatic reboot is performed by Homey;

After reboot the task in the memory overview called ‘Homey’ shows a usage of 190MB and then starts gradually growing until it reaches about 1.3GB and then kills Homey. The task ‘Other’ claims 180MB (steady) and all the rest of the tasks taken by installed apps are all down to about 40MB or less.

Is there a way to find out what causes memory leaks? I’m a first-time user and I find the basic flows rather limited in possibilities, so basically only using advanced flows. Maybe I’m doing something wrong in one or more of them? Are there any best practices I’m not aware of? Are there any known issues with flows or apps that could cause memory leaks?

It’s probably related to a specific app, but the only way to know which one is to disable each one in turn and see if it makes the problem go away.

Hi Robert,

thanks for your reply. By disabling you just mean ‘swithing’ them of for some time? Not like removing/uninstalling anything I hope?

I’ll start doing that right away and share my findings once I get to know more

Yeah, switching them off should be enough.

Possibly not directly related to my initial question. Just to share my findings for anyone else ever interested;

While I was on it to disable some apps, one of the first I got into because of its appearance in alphabetic order, was ‘AduroSmart Eria’ which showed that it had crashed. (I thought I had flows in place notifying me, but didn’t get a msg, but that’s another issue).

I’m using a 50/50-approach by limiting the time for trial-and-error by switching off about half of the apps to see if memory steadies. Then at the bottom of the list I come to UniFi-Network, which also showed that it had crashed (hovering over the crash sign says “CPU Warning Limit Reached”). I did notice that there seems an auto-restart of the apps in place, since the UniFi network crash-warning disappeared automatically after some time. Is crashing apps something that comes along with HP2023… ?

Currently running a test with the following enabled/disabled apps, but looks like the issue is not in the grayed-out set of apps, since memory is still gradually increasing;

to find the specific causing the mem leak app faster use the Homey Developer Tools

Doesnt give history but if you can posibly identify the app hogging all mem or keep the page open for a while to see how it progresses.

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Thanks for steering me in the right direction Jepke. Having the memory consumption per individual app pointed me in the direction of ‘AduroSmart Eria’. I should have had suspicion on this particular app already, because as indicated in the post before yours, that app had crashed previously. But i wasn’t that sharp apparently…
Running the memory consumption trend for a short while gives me the graphs below clearly indicating a memory leak in AduroSmart Eria. For now I’ll keep it disabled for a while and see what happens, but it’s already looking very promising. Thanks guys!

For anyone else ever finding this thread while hunting for memory leaks in Homey Pro Early 2023 causing regular crashing of Homey; the AduroSmart app was the cause. Got Homey steady for a full day now with the app disabled. Therefore I uninstalled the app and replaced the AduroSmart Eira plug with a Zigbee plug from INNR.

A small question to the knowledgeable people around here; Could I still use the Zigbee plug just as a range extender or do I still need to pair it with Homey to be part of the network? Or could it be part of the mesh also without it being known by the coordinator? (I could obviously still have the AduroSmart app installed while keeping it disabled, but that wouldn’t be my first choice).

You can pair Zigbee devices without any app for them installed. They will set up as “generic” Zigbee device. There’s a fair chance that your device will still work that way, since “simple” on/off devices are supported. Make sure that you uninstall the AduroSmart app though, to prevent Homey from assigning the device to that app.

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Great advice! I’ll be using it as range extender only so as a simple device it will do the job.