Homey Pro 2023 Memory Question

I am noticing my homey is swapping memory, which is ok but not great. After looking at my memory usage I could see two problem children. First one is the Homekit, which was consuming >90mb and the other was “other”. I disabled homekit as I dont really use that but not other. So to that note, what is other when its at home and what does it serve as its current burning through >230mb of memory? Its almost half of the Homey usage!

HP2023 has 2GB of RAM.

I know that :slight_smile: , but here, its better to see a picture. What I mean is “homey” in the list of memory users not what it has in terms of memory :+1: other is the secound biggest user!

The reason I ask is I am having horrendous problems with flows and process just not working and there is some collation between the load of homey and when things dont work.

Linux always swaps if it’s enabled. Since there’s 466MB of RAM free, I don’t see a particular issue here.

If Homey is busy with something, causing a high load, that will affect other parts of it, but you need to check CPU stats for that.

This is CPU load, which vary throughout the day

Nothing out of the ordinary with your cpu load.

You can consider installing SysInternals app to get some system info.
It could be an app ‘misbehaving’, or you have some or several flows which are triggered and fired every second or like that.

It is normal Homey uses memory like any other OS, but I’m under the impression you expected 2GB of free memory in total.

No, I am just trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary memory usage as I suspect there is a memory leak somewhere. I have slimmed out the apps as much as possible and even replaced eco systems to reduce the amount of apps required but I am still get things just not happening as they should! Even now, while writing this post, a simple var change should close all my blinds, works perfectly normally but didn’t today! Dead simple flow! Nothing changed from the days it works to today!
Here is my swap size now after a few hours and that over the week will just keep growing. It will get to a point where I will have to reboot it to get at least some stability back. Anyway, thanks for all your help, will just have to grin and bare it.

What do your logs say?
I use logcards in many flows, so you can track what happened or did not happen:
Did the trigger work?
Was there a condition not met?
Was every action card fired, but did the device not respond?

Simple Log even has a script to automatically add logcards to (a) flow(s) for Trigger, Condition and Action cards and for the Error outputs

Have the same issue, memory filling up over a week with swap file. Athom support has no idea what the issue could be. I also have the CPU load fluctuation.