RAM (Memory) full... And now?

So, is this a concern? Do I have to remove devices if I want to add another one? Or will Homey manage the memory use a swap file or something?

If you press on the rainbow graph, you’ll get an overview which apps the colors represent, which should provide a clue which app(s) are using up the memory. If it’s a concern or not depends on whether or not you’re noticing any performance issues.

I don’t think Homey uses a swapfile, not would it make a lot of difference because swapping still kills performance.

Same subject, sort of…

With 512MB RAM, every free MB counts. Buying a Pro at the moment is not an option by the way😌

Sometimes, just by checking every now and then, I discover Homey uses a fairly big amount of RAM:

I don’t like to do it, but restarting Homey brings RAM usage to a reasonable level, a whopping 150MB’s less:

Now it looks like I can add a few more apps.

Is there a way to trigger a flow (or script) when Homey RAM uses more than xxxMB’s?
I really don’t like to restart Homey every x days “just to be sure”.

Many thanks in advance.

Another script :wink:

It offers flow tags for memory usage. You can start a flow every hour and check the value and restart Homey if necessary.

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Thanks a million Ronny! Works like a charm.

@djesko Niklas, thanks! That article explains a lot.
If I understand it correctly, I (of course) don’t need to restart Homey, but I just have around 90MB extra RAM for additional apps.
Because Homey RAM usage is back at 230MB already now, while being at 136MB’s right after boot earlier tonight.

Interesting things with the script.
So, Homey’s RAM usage seems 2 b dynamic. It was just the moment I took a look at the RAM tab appearantly

Im also struggeling with full memory. Many flows wont execute, I’m waiting on my new pro 2023 so for now it is what it is but I don’t have many apps currently so why is it full now and in the past years I had no problem?

I am also having issues for the first time in many years. My Pro memory was only in use for about 60%, suddenly since a few weeks, that has grown tot 100% almost contantly, except for a Homey restart, which i never do by default.

I think there is a bug in the newest Homey version or something like that.

You are using the home assistant app.

Kill the hue app on Homey and add the lights trough home assistant it’s much faster and much better ram to use 1 app

I use both systems yeah. Maybe I will.

Seems like swapping. My HP2019 been stable until now it seems not much memory, even I cant recall what is hogging or leaking… Ordered new HP2023, but hope that doesen’t follow: