Memory leackage?

When i reboot my homey my memory is less then 50% but after a few days without doing anything it gets up to 100%. Its slow and unstable. Anyone experience the same? How can i get a hold of Homey support?

Some people have memory issues with Homey too. You can track memory usage with Insights if you enable the “Power User” experiment in the mobile app settings.

How to contact Athom support can be found here.

At the moment i have running 24 apps on a early 2016 homey. The most of them i give a restart a night when i am asleep. That keeps the usage for me around the 50/60% without a long during Homey restart.

Thanks. Submitted an ticket now.

Do you have rules that does this automatically for you?

Yes. I have flows for that. From. One o’clock every 5 minutes a flow will start to restart an app.

You also can do it in one flow with a delay off course

Ok, thanks alot!

Why not reboot Homey completely? That will be done in 5 mins

I know that. After a reboot of Homey the Group app has some strange behavior and the harmony app crashes often after a reboot. Not to mention the red ring in some rare cases. This is the best work around in my case