Homey last 2 days spontaniosly offline

I have the last 2 days that my homey goes spontaniously offline.

Homey is unreachable, no ring etc
Homey still works when you place it up side down.
It also stops pinging, the only way to get is back again is to restart it by powering it off and on again.

So far as i know there are no changes made and it started a few days ago and now for the 3th day on a row this happened…

Anyone an idea how to find out what it is causing this?

My Homey shows that behaviour when it’s memory is “full”. Restarting apps which use more than 15MB helps. Some apps just keep growing in mem usage, I restart them every day to keep them from eating up too much memory. F.i. in Insights you can view memory usage of Homey and all apps.

It could also be a wifi issue. Did you change anything? Do your neighbours have a new wifi system which could interfere?

memory load seems normal, problem is that i cannot see what the load / usage is when it crashes.
I have to reboot Homey to get it to work again, that usage stats are gone.

Sadly there is no option to log or warn if Homey has a high usage, in the past this was possible but not anymore. I do have the pro version, so it should have resources enough.

The wifi is not the problem, no other device has any problem, also i got a mesh network and Homey is in the centre of the mesh network.