Homey offline repeatedly


I can’t find any upated similar thread.

My Homey has started to go offline and be unreachable more often.

My Homey Pro was bought may 12, 2022.

Why is this happening and what can I do about it?
The red messages appear when I try to navigate through the developer tools for Homey.






Have you checked your WiFi?
What kind of wireless system do you have?

The Homey is placed about 2 meters from my WiFi router.

The Homey Pro is connected to my network through 2,4Ghz WiFi.

This has happened before and this time it happened after I downloaded an app for Homey.
I removed the app and today I am not getting these problems.

Bad power supply

According to support wifi is the first that brakes down with a bad power supply

Contact Athom support and ask for a new one

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Indeed, what @JB2K wrote.
And meanwhile you can use another usb supply of at least 2A. Less won’t work.
Perhaps you have a ipad charger you can use. Any reliable charger of at least 2A will do.


Thank you for this, will check it out and see if I got one with more than 2A.
Think I have one with 2.5A.

I thought the Homey was “full” and overloaded with apps or flows.

Is there any way to see how many % usage of ram and cpu it is using now?

In the app: more/settings/general and for the load averages click on about
Via the web interface: Homey Developer Tools

I have recently had a problem with Netgear MESH that was enabling access control and, for reasons still not understood, adding devices to the blocked list

From what I"ve experienced, when an app keeps using more and more memory, and it goes past 70 to 80MB’s, I can’t connect to Homey for a while.
The wifi part of Homey seems to ‘choke’.
I created flows wich restarts the ‘suspect’ apps when they reach that limit.

The app you installed today is most probably one of them. Which app was it?

To find out which apps:
Via my.homey.app Insights you can view historical system load and memory use of Homey and apps.
Enter ‘system’ in the search field for Homey
And enter ‘app’ for an app listing.

The app was Plejd.
It is using the BLE part of Homey creating a mesh network.

I only have one of these devices and maybe it is using much energy trying to communicate with it.

When I try to see information about memory and storage, the app crashes and says “Homey is offline”.

Thanks, I don’t see weird stuff on your graphs. I think you’d best contact the developer: https://community.homey.app/t/app-pro-plejd/43266