Homey gets disconnected every now and then

Since a couple of weeks, my Homey Pro gets disconneced every now and then. The homey runs for about 24 to 72 hours and out of a sudden, it doesn’t work anymore. No flows are executed, I can even not reach the homey with the homey app (iPhone, iPad) or on the web (my.homey.app). From the log I write into an external syslog server I see, that it brakes at different flows. Means I cannot nare it down to a specific flow or device which would not work propperly.

My basic question is, how can I debug it? Does homey write some logs internally which I can access? If I create a Diacnostic Report on the developer tools page, I just get a number. Can I download some logfiles from the homey or the cloud with this number?

Homey Model: Homey Pro (Early 2019)
Homey Version: 8.0.8
Memory is occupied at around 30%
RAM ussage around 50% (there I saw no App using extensive memory, all looks fine)

Homey is a black box, there are no (accessible) log files. Diagnostics reports get sent to the app developer, but typically don’t contain anything useful (at least in my experience).

A common issue with Homey that causes random things to break is a failing power supply. If you’re still using the original one that came with your Homey, replace it with something better. Any decent-brand USB power supply that can provide 2.4A or more should be okay.

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Thanks for the quick replay. I’ll give it a chance.

Update after 4 days “testing”.
After exchanging the power supply 4 days ago my Homey never disconnected again. I replaced the original Athom Adapter with an Apple USB power Supply (12W, 5V, 2.4A) as shown in the picture below.