Lately I have quite a few issues with my Home Pro (2019).
I’m on App version, Homey version 8.1.2.

  • In the settings the Athom Cloud status changes between Connected and Diconnected a lot.
    Like a lot lot. Every other minute I check, it’s different.
  • There’s (maybe due to above issue) many apps that either don’t install or update, with timeouts or HCS that just don’t go through. Example. WizBulbs on v2.2.0, hasn’t been updated since to 2.5.0…
    Rebooting Home sometimes gives me an install (homey app store) but mostly nothing except for probably:
  • dropping the connection with my Nest Thermostat (device unavailable, “socket hang up”?) and Try to repair gives: cloud_disconnected.

I’ve searched though the forum for many days now and tried everything I could find.
Hopefully any other ideas?
Thank you

Same advice as always, first thing to try is to replace the power supply. The one included is known to be marginal and may cause a lot of intermittent issues. Any USB supply capable of delivering 2A or better should work.

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Additional, when an other power supply (and CABLE) makes no difference, check the memory usage of all your apps in insights.
(I think you have to enable …More > Settings > Experiments > Power User first).

All apps which are using more and more, and growing over 50 to 80 MB’s (in time), seem to interfere with Homey’s wifi integration.
The Hue app is known for this behaviour for instance.

Homey pauses apps which go over 80MB’s automatically, but for a stable wifi connection it is quite too late.

It can be resolved by using the Device Capabilities app.
You can monitor memory usage of apps, and let them restart when the memory use is too high (say 60MB).

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Sounds a bit like the wifi issues I was experiencing on my TP-Link Deco Wifi APs, I suspect due to the 40MHz channel width it uses by default. Can you try to ping to Homey from a PC and see if you get really bad ping times indicative of this issue, like 500ms instead of the regular 12ms?

I switched to other APs (Unifi U6 on 20MHz), and the app slowness mostly disappeared. I just see an occasional “retry/reconnect” message, and a refresh always solves the issue (not ideal but acceptable for now). Waiting impatiently for the HP2023 to solve all of this and make the App experience great. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info, I just checked and my channels are 20MHz. Pings are great 4 - 9 ms.

Thanks for the info. My Homey is powered by a power box. It will be provided by max 2.5A, but there’s a few extra USB cables in there, that may drop the amperage. I will disconnect them for a bit and see what happens.

Thanks, I will try that app! As soon as I won’t be getting the timeout LOL…
You’d say though, that after a reboot, the apps (mem us) would be reset, right?.. I’ve been rebooting so much lately… It’s frustrating… I will try another cable too, thanks

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I told my Homey I was gonna either reset him or throw him out the window.
Miraculously, he installed an update for the app I’ve been waiting for for months… I need to be harsh with him, I guess…
Let’s hope this all will resolve itself, LOL…
I’ll let you guys know how things will go, thanks for all the (quick) input