Homey keeps going OFFLINE

Hey Everyone,

Please help me.
My home keeps going offline, Some times after a few hours, but mostly after 1 Or 2 days.

The only way to let it go online again, is taking out the charger and Connect it again.

Anyone a sollution?

Thanks in advance!!!

What is your wifi setup? Which version of Homey?

Please contact Athom about this: Support | Homey

It’s a common issue (which you would have found by searching the forum first) that Athom needs to fix.


I had the same problem. Found about that the memory was full. So I deleted a couple of unused apps en everything is working fine again.

What I do think is weird that the amount of apps I had installed haven’t changed in like a year. So I think the apps have grown in size since the last time I looked…

Edit: might not be the problem if you’re having the new homey pro 2023. I’m still on the 2016 version with 512mb

Check if your ISP has you on CGNAT. And ask them to disable it for you.

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