Homey Pro 2016 Keeps going offline!

Hi i have had a homey pro 2016 since about 2 months and if you look at my previous post i recovered it out of a bricked state since then i have had it running fine but i have only upgraded the zigbee and wifi antenna to external antenna’s.

but ever since ive done that it keeps acting weird every 12 hours or so it goes offline and i have to remove the cable and plug it back in again to make it work again

could it be the problem with the new antenna’s? :upside_down_face:

all my info

i have already removes the 5ghz option in my home i have a tp link mesh system with 2 routers in the house they all run the same ssid with same password

i have deleted most apps i dont use it had i think around 506 mb free of the 511 but when i count the totals it comes out to 360 mb total

i have taken all wps devices like dishwasher of the wifi etc

if you want more info feel free to comment under this

It seems you answered your Q already

What you should try is to “glue” Homey to ONE Access Point (f.i. with band steering, MAC filtering, transmit power)

And the mother of all questions: Already tried a new powerplug?

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yes that was what started it all the powerplug because i received the original powerplug and was acting weird so i replaced it with a 5v 3 amp powerplug

also i have noticed that homey usually goes offline shortly after i acces it to start a flow or turn down the light or look at insight but it doesnt always crash after u acces it sometimes it doesnt

Here is a picture of my usage the big gap in the mb is the crash that happened and after that i deleted the philips hue app and my usage dropped alot