Homey Pro (2019) - Multiple Devices unavailable after boot

Hi Guys, I own the Homey Pro 2019 since 2020 and I do have > 40 Apps installed and over 150 devices. Since a long time I have the issue, that the apps start after a boot, but multiple apps have “no responding” devices or look like the devices of the app work, but just doesn’t react at all. The only solution is to manually restart the corresponding app once. Am I alone with this?
Of course I could add a flow which restarts every single app after a certain boot delay, but is this really the way to go? Or what could be the issue here?

Isn’t Homey out om memory?
Already tried a new powersupply with 5V and at least 2A?

(I have also over 40 app’s and i get a screen that Homey can not make a backup.
Only 15,52 MB available of the 1,04 GB + 206,57 MB Swap.
So i have to remove something.)

No Memory issues until now (I don’t know how the get a graph for total mem consumption):

Powersupply has just been changed 1 month ago to a PoE to USB 2A splitter from Ubiquiti :

Instant PoE to USB Converter - Ubiquiti Store Europe

Sadly the Pro 2019 doesn’t support USB Network cards, so this was my workaround to have at least PoE in case of a power outage. Same result as with the original powersupply.

  1. Why do you restart Homey? Here it does only restart after I updated the firmware.
    There were times I had 1 or 2 app issues after a firmware update, but I solved it just by restarting Homey another time (soft-restart, not pull the plug)
  2. Indeed, you can use the card “System > Homey has started” and restart the apps with unresponsive devices with a delay → just measure the boot time until all apps are running, and add 5 minutes to that.

Right after a restart was finished, maybe sending an app diag report, with the issue description, to the devs of the apps involved, may help finding the culprit(s).
Also create a ticket @ homey.app/support, and create a Homey diag report along with your findings.

  1. I do restart only if there (was) a power outage (not that common anymore as the power supply is now PoE) or if there is an update. So every 2-3 month or so. But still enough to have an annoying feeling.
  2. ok, I’ll probably do that. not that sexy but it will do it’s job.

I’ll create a support ticket for homey itself. As the homey is my main smart home hub it’s painful to restart everyting quite frequently and because of the number of devices it takes some time until homey is fully started.

thanks for your help

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