Devices are not working after migration to Homey Pro

Hi Everyone,

I have been using Homey for two years now. Today I migrated to Homey Pro. I used the build in cloud backup function to restore the backup of last night. This process went fine without hickups. Now I want to start using Homey Pro but none of the devices are usable. They all show a loading icon.

I restarted Homey a few times but this did not resolve the issue. I also waited for about 30 minutes but still no results. I unplugged the “old” Homey before I restored the backup on the Pro so they did not interfere. I haven’t plugged the old Homey in since then.

The devices vary from Phillips Hue (with bridge), KaKu, fibaro smart switches, screens, airconditioning, TVs and much more. All kind of protocols.

I’m running Homey 6.0 (I was also running 6.0 on the “old” one).
App version: (iOS)

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Maybe you need to add them manually first ?

I was hoping the whole idea of the paid backup service was in case of migration of emergency you do not need to add all the devices manually?

That’s indeed the idea behind the backup. Perhaps Athom can help you:

Thanks Robert.

I already made a ticket for athom. Since its a crucial issue I also opened a discussion here. Hoping the community could shine some light as wel.

@Jorden has/had a similar issue:

Indeed experienced the same. I ended up reinstalling the backup by keeping homey upside down. I think it worked then because it didn’t have to update to New firmware. All apps were installed the second time without problems (except the cli installed ones but that is expected behaviour)

I had something similar too. Updating firmware and restoring backup in one go didn’t work as expected. Restoring a backup again fixed it, since the first go had already done the firmware bit.

And, also… Give it enough time!!! The backup does not contain the apps themselves, these come from the app store. The backup is restored BEFORE alle the apps from the app store are installed and loaded. So until the apps are all installed and fired up, you’ll be seeing this.

You can check the Apps settings page to see if the apps are all there.

If Homey doesn’t load the apps automagically (as it should) you could also try to install them yourself as a workarround, but I didn’t need to second time around.

EDIT: Come to think of it - I did that for one app after the first try, that worked for one app and then I thought to myself: I shouldn’t be needing to do this, now should I! And then I restored successfully again. Could be I somehow restored the login to the app store then that wasn’t quite right the first time around?

And do you have 2 factor login enabled? That is fairly new - hope it isn’t interfering with the app store download process. Maybe doing one app yourself might do something there too?

Thanks everyone. I resolved the issue bij reinstalling the backup again as stated above. Athom also replied to my ticket by telling me to reinstall the backup.

Probably has to do with the firmware version that is already installed the first time as stated in some comments here.

Thanks for all the help! :slight_smile: