Migration issue - Please help

Tonight I migrated to the new 2023 model (Pro) and restored my old Homey 2017 Pro. I prepared this and read this should be pretty straightforward, also according to Homey.

But just 2 weeks before this migration, I started a new backup of my old Homey. It was a free 1 year backup with a code. I was already paying per month for it.

I am now starting to think this somehow has messed up my backup, because after I did the restore and also upgraded the Homey software, non eof the devices are working…

If I go to any app and try to restart it, it says : “Not installed”

I have pleaded Homey Support to help me tonight (I created a support case 6 days ago regarding the 2 backup services without a reply).

You missed this hidden info?

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I don’t get it yet… You just subscribed to the backup service, but now you think it messed up your backup?
What backup is the latter, how many backup systems you have, and how could they influence eachother?
What does this page show?


Which Homey software do you mean? Version?

What I can think of now, is to factory reset the Pro 2023 and restore a backup from your Pro 2017 again.

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How long did you wait, after restoring backup on HP23? It might take dával minutes and only apps from official app store get restored (SDK3 compatible)

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When it’s still starting up, many apps should show a pause sign I think.
Yeah it sounds like impatience.

I don’t know why you are restarting apps in this stage?
Just a bit curious what’s going on :wink::blush:

Yes, I was maybe impatient, but also think Homey should have privided more details about this in the help article. I panicked,because ALl my apps were showing as missing after it stopped blinking blue and also had upgraded itself.

What learnt is that it is INSTALLING apps long time after the backup was restored. Most people would assume this step only takes 5-10 minutes, it has after all improved its performance. In my case it took 30-40 minutes before I started to repair some of the ZigBee devices.

Thanks for your replies.

lør. 24. jun. 2023, 23:24 skrev :netherlands: Homey Pro 2019 Classic via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

I have a spare homey and did the test.

After restoring, NO apps are installed. When going to the settings app, all apps are visible but ‘null’ RAM usage and ‘null’ storage usage. After rebooting homey they are downloaded immediately.
Maybe good to try? I just assume that the ‘daylight app update check’ can also trigger this.

The way cloud backup works: the app store links are saved, not the app code itself.
When restoring a backup, the current version of the apps are getting downloaded and installed.
With 40 app this could take some time.
So, impatience was the issue :wink::hugs:

yes, I was all happy, but last night me and several other Norwegian users lost the connection to it. I suspect a particular app update was the culprit, since not everyone was affected. I created a support ticket, so it remains to see. Since I am not there, I cannot power reset it. Restarting internet also did not provide a connection to it.

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