Homey Pro 2023 tries and fails to create backup and is unavailable to the app after it


I have had a Homey Pro Early 2023 model for some time. I don’t have Homey Backups, and yet it tries to create them every night. However, this fails with the message ‘Something went wrong while creating an automatic backup. Go to the Backups section in the Homey app for more information’

However, when I go next, all I see is a screen to subscribe to Homey Backups. Not to be able to turn it off or anything like that.

It also seems that every time he tries to make that backup, Homey is no longer accessible to the app and a power off / on of the Homey is the only way to make it accessible to the app again. However, devices and flows continue to work as usual.

Would like to hear if people have experience with this / have a solution for this.


I assume you already contacted Athom about this?

Yes, I’ve got a support ticket opened but the average wait time at this moment is 2-3 weeks, which is quite a long time. So that’s why I am reaching out here too.

@robertklep I’ve had contact with Athom support regarding this.

There seems te be a few occasions Homey tries to make a back-up, unintentionally.
The development team is aware of it and looking into it.

For anyone coming across this issue, this is how I fixed it, based on Athom’s suggestion:

  • Invite a different user to your Homey (just create a second Homey account);
  • Transfer ownership to the new user.
  • Transfer ownership back to the original user.

When transfering the ownership, the software checks if a back-up subscription is present. If so, it will turn back-ups on. Else it will turn it off (verified by Athom).

This worked for me and case is now closed.