Backup issue takes away all resources

Hi all!

Last night my Homey became unresponsive, the app could not connect, google could not contact Homey. So I allowed the lights to stay on and the alarm to be inactive. This morning everything seemed to work again, though the timeline is all messes up by thousands of backup error messages:

It seems to me that Homey got into some kind of a backup loop that excausted all of it’s further resources and it took a long time before it finally gave up. When it was not working last night I also restarted Homey twice, that had no effect at all, so it seems that even after a reboot it starts trying to perform this backup.

Today I did find that Homey is still having more timeouts than usual and I’m a bit worried that this fun will repeat itself tonight again while Homey starts making another backup.

Within the backup settings there is an exception: “Backup up fout: Rate Limited”. I understand a rate limited if Homey seems to make milions of backups according to the timeline… but what could have caused this?

I’ve created a support ticket at Athom, but this great community is usually a lot quicker :slight_smile:

Best regards and best wishes!

A bug in the backup code.

If that would be the case I would have expected to see a lot more users with this issue. Does anyone know how to raise a support question at Athom these days? They seem to have hidden that. I used to e-mail, but just got an e-mail that this would be too easy for me to do. They forward me to, but that is just a knowledge base… how can we create a support ticket there?

Ah, found it…

That doesn’t really matter: if your Homey becomes unusable because the backup software is failing (for whatever reason) thousands of times in quick succession, it’s a bug in the code.