Homey Cloud Backup - (part of Homey Pro Backups subscription)

Version 4.0.0 is available as Stable!

This functionality is available as of Homey v4.0.
You need:

  • Homey to run Firmware v4.0.0
  • The mobile App to be updated to 4.0.x

Athom has announced Homey Cloud Backup in the firmware (4.0.0) and a restore option in the mobile App (4.0.0) or Web setup.
You need a Homey+ subscription to let Homey automatically backup to the Cloud.

This topic is meant as central place for questions and discussion around Homey Cloud Backup service part of the Homey Pro Backups (formerly Homey+) subscription.

Support info about Backup can be found here: How do Homey Cloud Backups work?

There is a separate article for you if you want to migrate the config to a new Homey (Pro).
How do I migrate between Homeys?

For questions and discussion around the Homey Pro Backups (formerly Homey+) subscription see here:



What is Homey + exactly? I can find very little about it. Only that it will supposedly enhance the Homey experience.

The site is not entirely clear. Homey Cloud Back-up is only for Homey+ users. But you can also make a manual back-up. So you can create a back-up and store it locally, on let’s say a NAS?

Homey+ is (for now) just the added benefit of having backups (in the cloud).
but there might be more added in the future, only Athom knows that, all signs do point in the direction that more perks will be added.

wel it says Cloud backup, if you didn’t know, “the cloud” means, on a server off your home network.
Manual probably just means, usually it is done automatically, but can be done manually for if you want to transfer to another Homey for example, Local backup is nowhere mentioned, so most likely won’t be there, if it even will come at all.

Yeah, I got the ‘cloud’ part, but here’s why I found it to be somewhat unclear.
When you have Homey+, Homey automatically generates a back-up every night.
If there is a manual back-up functionality, why would you use this? You already have a full back-up every 24 hrs. This seems a bit redundant.

That’s why I hoped you can also manually back it up to a local device without Homey+

I understand a monthly fee is required in order to maintain the server(s), but I feel the back-up functionality is a basic functionality which should always be avaible to any user, with or without Homey+. Buying Homey+ will therefore get you:
a) automatic back-ups
b) a cloud server (so you don’t need your own server)
c) and possibly other things, as Athom states: Homey+ is an additional subscription service for Homey users, that even further enhances your Homey experience.

I already gave you an answer to your question: “but can be done manually for if you want to transfer to another Homey for example”, but it most likely will also be able to disable the automatic part, so you then can still do it manually if you ever want to do it that way, with reasons as, you only want the backup history be “big” changes in devices and flows, and don’t really care about the missing insights, but do want to return if you mess something up.
If you want an answer to the “why no local” then you are in the wrong spot, as we aren’t Athom, so you’ll have to ask them.


I didn’t ask why there won’t be a local back-up. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. For me, the site was unclear whether there would be local back-ups or not. I first wanted to know if there would be local back-ups. I felt this was a legitimate question, which other Homey users would probably also be interested in.

You seem very convinced there won’t be a local back-up, but it wasn’t to me. I’m sorry for double-checking. Given the answer and the likes it got, I apparently upset some community-members, for which I apologize.


I had my hopes for homey 4.0 at february first. To bad still nothing. Another month fingers crossed that nothing brakes down :confused:

Why should they release it the first of a new month?

Well second or the third would be fine also


Well… its reassuring to know that a 12m subscription comes with a 24 month warranty and ships same day!

Service is dramatically improving… :crazy_face:



Quote from Slack:

WeeJeWel 4:27 PM
Hello experimental users! We’ve just released Homey v4.0.0 to the Experimental channel. This update includes Homey Cloud Backups, and we’d very much appreciate it if you could test this!— Please upgrade Homey to v4.0.0-rc.5
— Android users should install the latest Android app (v4+)
— iOS users will receive an update shortly, we hope tomorrow
— You can purchase a Homey+ subscription in the app, or at Homey Pro Backups (12 Months) | Homey Store
— For more information, refer to https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003361300-Homey-
— You can restore a backup from within Wi-Fi SetupThank you and let us know when something goes wrong!

It works…but i cant found the Restore Option.

App available for you?

Where did you find the backup? Maybe Athom has to do something first. I just bought it. Ring of death took some time. I hate it when he does this

Think you couldn’t see this. The Faq says this:

First, make sure Homey is in recovery mode. After connecting to Wi-Fi, you will be asked if you want to restore a backup, when there are backups available.

Android, only for cell phones. Tablet app is not available.

Android phone overhere. Have to be a little patient i guess…

At the moment as @Undertaker wrote: Android App-Version 4.x > More > Backup.