4.0.0 backup

When I saw backup in release notes, I was… well finaly!!! Allready started to think about buying homey pro as backup/restore would be a way to migrate…but after completing the update, under backup I saw only subscribtion based backup…realy?

So I went from happy and new homey pro to looking at fibaro hc3.

Is there any option to do local backups?


A well meant recommendation from me: inform yourself more in the forums (Athom and Fibaro).
The HC3 is currently still far away from being a well functioning system.
According to my latest information only Z-Wave can be used at the moment. Zigbee will be unlocked sometime this year by a firmware update.
Some plugins do not work.
Migration from HC2 to HC3 not possible.

Thank you for the info and HC3 advice. I know nothing is perfect, that is why I only started to think about other options… I would need to buy homey pro anyway then on top they want a subscriprion for such a basic service as backup as it could be easy done localy. Local was the reason many of us started with homey.

I guess I would be wiling to pay subscription for some advanced service with added value, but backup of the config…nope, rather go back to openhub. Allready have it for dashboard and advanced insights…

Will see, just a question of time for me.

There is alredy a topy abuot this.
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