Homey Cloud Backup - (part of Homey Pro Backups subscription)

Taking some time I guess as I Don, t see anything under “more”

I read this but could not find the backup button. The description has been accepted. Patience I guess

Ahhh I get it. Forgot to update the android app itself

You have Android and when Android > App-Version 4x of Homey-App?

Stupid me, have updated the android app and made my first backup pfffff ff. I am save now :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Bought a subscription. Installed the android beta app. Created a backup. I can see it when I log in to my Athom account.

Seems to work!

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Created back-up overhere too. Now wait for the first to restore and see how it works…

What a relief. I did make my first Homey backup.
Question: are the Logica vars also backed-up?
( More-> Logica)


Thanks. Now I do need to save money to buy a Homey Pro :sunglasses: :yum:


This functionality is available as of Homey v4.0.

Does this refer to the App, the firmware, or both?

(I did get the TestFlight update this morning, but apparently my Homey is offline, so I can’t check now)


And is the v4 firmware out as well?

(I noticed that v4 of the iOS App is already out in the App Store; no TestFlight beta needed?)

(I can’t check since my Homey is still offline)

It is out as Experimental: https://firmware.athom.com

On Slack was today the Information: V4 for iOS is out and should be shown during the next Hours in App-Store, Subscription only with Non-Test-Flight-Version possible.

When i’m wrong, please let me/us know.

Ironically I’d rather not install an experimental build without a proper backup…

I figure I have to set my Homey to enable experimental updates to be able to receive the 4.0 update. But if I do that it says I can’t return back to non-experimental afterwards without a factory reset. I don’t want that, I do want the backup capability and subsequently return to the normal updates… Is that possible?

The v4.0.0-rc.5 release notes also mention this:

  • Experimental updates can now be disabled

Would that be what you’re asking for?

Yes, thanks, I wasn’t sure that was what I mentioned, so I will go for it then… :wink:

I don’t now either; hence the ?

It worked ;).

What works?