From Homey to Homey Pro

Now that Homey has released a back-up function, which should make it easy to switch between Homeys, I was wondering which bumps there are still on the road (as we say in Dutch).

Some old topics talk about reconnecting Z-wave devices, but I was wondering if this is still necessary with the back-up and restore functionallity, before I break open all my wall outlets and start reconnecting my devices. Is it true that the back-up will also transfer the complete Z-wave and Zigbee network including all (device) settings?

I also guess my Homey ID will change, so do I need to change all third party connections (like the P1 Smart meter on my Raspberry Pi) in order to be able to communicate with Homey?

Any other things I need to keep in mind before stepping over to Homey Pro?

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Read the following and you will find Answers:

I had only a problem with Tado and Qubino.

Tado has an authentication problem in the app, which will be solved, Athom is busy with it.
Qubino devices where not responsive (some did ok, some not) I have disabled the Qubino app for about 20 hours I thing and after enabling it again all Qubino’s where reachable and online. Patience is probably the right answer here :wink: