Homey bricked after power outrage?

Dear community members,
it came a power outrage in the whole city because of stormy weather. My Homey Pro got probably bricked after that, it is not restarting, not reacting on upside down, ring is black, any signs of life… 3 hours paused, still nothing. Power brick is working with cable on another devices, I tried another power source and cable. So I think it got internal circuit damage. Is that any thing I can do with it, eventually to check status ? Or should I think about new device? :cry:

If this was, with the power off, then I’m afraid there is no hope any more, if the power was on, during the pause, then try to power off for 15 minutes, then power up again and wait at least 30 minutes, for zigbee devices it can take longer, succes.

I had a similar experience; my Homey Pro could not be repaired.
But mine was still under warranty.
Athom/Homey got me a new one.
Really good service.

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I send it back to seller, now expecting answer about evt. new one or repair by producent, as seller told me. I happily found an old invoice… so I must wait about 3 weeks. Temporary I try Home Assistant on virtual machine to solve smart home problems. Most of my sensors and effectors are steered by cloud (Hue, Xiaomi), so it came a little bit easier to make integrations and come to very simplified automations. It is an inconvenient lesson - what if a hardware problem came… Homey was worked fine, if not take a look on some connection/reconnections problems to router (home net on Google mesh, maybe dhcp reservations lack by google occur…? Or problems between Homey’s firmware and mesh?). Relativelly easy to make flows, very universally to many systems / devices. But… if going down, it can be a hard situation…

That was 3 hours without power. I tried every combinations then, but no effect, device was bricked. Happily found an old receipt/bill, so seller said reclamation shell be respected.