Homey suddenly crazy unstable, not changed anything in months

Suddenly I couldn’t turn off my night lamp, and now I noticed that my Homey is using 450% CPU and rebooting every 5 minutes. What could have happened? FW is 4.2.0.

Nothing’s been updated for over a week according to Homey’s logs.

It’s scary that it can suddenly just drop out like that with no changes.

Sounds like a broken power suply


It’s original? I haven’t really stressed the Homey or anything. It’s actually running a (scary) low amount of automation.

Just try another 5v and at least 2a

The original power supply has quite a large failure rate.

Ok, will see if I can use an iPad charger.

That’s too bad, they should offer a replacement service.

If you have determined that it’s indeed the power supply, contact Athom. They may offer a replacement.

Ok, I do have a volt monitor for USB, will test when I get back home. Thanks guys!

From the original Homey or also the newer Homey (Pro) ones?

I think both.

This was the original, with NFC.
The PSU gives 4.1V. Can’t even start charging of my phone or tablet. Definitely dead.

Running of my iPad charger for now (2.4A 5.15V). Seems to be working fine.

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Do contact Athom then.
The do offer a replacement service for faulty power supplies.
Got mine delivered the next day (I am in the Netherlands though, might take a bit longer if you’re abroad).