Uncertain if this could be related to the famous "power adapter" issue

Just noticed that Homey was not working anymore. Motion related flows were not executed and app gave a connection error.
The power adapter was in the socket, no power issues at home in the meantime.
Just removed the adapter and put it back in and all came to live again (without a proper 12min PTP).

When looking in to my logs and the energy/memory insights, I see that all just stopped around 09:43 this morning (see image below).

I still have the original power adapter, but was under the assumption that the Pro models from 2019 did not have a faulty adapter. Also, I would assume that if it was the adapter, I would get stranger behaviour, plus that I would see Homey rebooting itself now and then.
In my case, it just seemed to went completely ‘off’ 3 hours ago, until I removed the adapter and put it back in.

Is this likely the adapter? Or more likely something else that just caused Homey to freeze entirely?

I don’t think that’s correct. But it’s easy enough to replace it with something else to see if it works better.

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That’s true, replacing it is easy enough. But as it only happened once now and without the symptoms that others report (strange behaviour, continuous rebooting) it is harder to tell if it works better. That would assume it would happen again, so maybe just wait to see if that is the case and then replace it.

Edit: Yes, unresponsiveness is also a form of “strange behaviour” of course :slight_smile:

I don’t know when it was discovered that Homey Pro’s included power supply was garbage or if Athom discovered it by 2019 or if they supplied a decent one when that model was released.

If no one is able to verify then I’d just take the safe opinion and replace your current P/S with a good quality 3.0 amp one… . Something thats typically marketed for say a Rasberry Pi 4 …

Homey’s P/S definitely wasn’t very good but I also have a nagging feeling the Pro’s also draw too many amps for what a typical standard 2.4 amp P/S is meant to handle… (long term life wise)

I haven’t used any test equipment to verify and measure the Pro’s actual amp draw but I think this might “partly” play into the issues that have occurred over the years.

It probably isn’t the cause of your issue but I’d highly recommend you replace it anyway…

Electronics are always happier with good clean power…