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Tradfri light triggered by Tradfri app, without flow

Hi there,
In our kitchen we have 5 Tradfi spots. For some time now, at random times one random light is turned on. Most of the times it happens it’s at night. Normally they would be triggered by a motion sensor, which would turn them all on or off.
I checked the logs of the motion sensor, it wasn’t activated at the time the light went on. The log of the light however showed a line that mentioned ‘2 hours ago turned on by Ikea Tradfri’. I’d think they mean the app by this. But how is it possible that in the middle of the night, the app would decide to randomly turn on one of the lights? What could be a possible explanation and fix for this?


This is probably related:

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And this is certainly related!

Interesting! But, there isn’t any flow that would dim the light in the middle of the night, at random times. (And a random light as well)
Could there be any other scenario’s here? Like a Zigbee device reconnecting for example?

Problem is happening on a Homey Pro (old version).

Do you use the Tradfri gateway? Or are the lights paired with Homey?

Paired with homey. It only happens with the GU-spots. Haven’t had the problem with any other tradfri lamp.

That’s odd. I can only think of a loose wire connector, or maybe even a broken wire.
Probably the lights turn on if you remove the power for a moment?

And do you have a logcard added to every flow?
If not:
To be able to discover what your flows are doing and when, and how many times (per sec), you can consider installing the Papertrails app, and add log cards to all of your flows in just one go.
It also adds ELSE logcards, if the THEN ELSE part is used in a flow.
It even replaces SimpleLog cards if present.
It doesn’t replace existing Papertrails logcards.

After installing PaperTrails,
goto (using Chrome of Firefox): homeybackup.web.app
Make sure you made a recent backup.

The script halts at the first broken flow, use the "Flow Checker" app to get a list of all broken flows, so you can repair or delete them.

Then, select Papertrails at the very bottom left side, then select Maintenance.
From there just follow instructions.

Monitoring your logs / flows:

  • Via mobile Homey app: go to …More > apps > Papertrails and hit “Configure”
  • Or via developer app settings and select Papertrails.
    This way you can monitor your flows realtime, without needing to leave the mobile Homey app.
    Or, on a pc/laptop, you can edit your flows and monitor the logs with two browser panes next to eachother.
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Yeah if I use the physical switch to turn them off and on again, they turn on. But, that doesn’t show in the logitems for the Homey device, which it does in case of the random actions.
I’ll install papertrails and see if I can find anything via the log. Will report back after that.

Well, this gets interesting. So if the lights are physical powered again, they turn on, but no “turned on by Tradfri” log item appears?

I’m curious what the PT logcards will reveal.

What’s the zigbee route at the moment, of the gu-spots? It’s on the right at this page:

Correct. The zigbee routes differ. Two have a direct link with Homey, two via another bulb that is at the outside of our house (1 meter from the kitchen), and one goes via another GU10 spot. I will try and see if there is any relation to be found between the different types of routing and the spontaneous actions.

No it does not, because the light cannot tell Homey that is is off due to the power being gone. The more interesting case: turn the light off with Homey, turn the power off using the switch, turn the power back on.

My guess is then the light will go on and Homey will show it turned on “by the app”. That is because
a) the light is configured to go on after a power break
b) Homey sees the light is on and adjusts the state in Homey.

If the above is what happens, it may be that your power isn’t stable. Check your wiring - it could be a loose wire that disconnects when it gets colder or something like that, and that could be dangerous.

Physically removing the power from Zigbee/z-wave devices is not reccomended because it messes with the mesh (pun intended).

I tested that, and indeed the notification appears. All the wiring is brand new, but I get your point. I could check it by temporarily removing one of the spots from Homey after turning it off, and see if it turns on somewhere in the coming days. If not, we would have to look further into Homey I guess.

I have exactly the same issue. Since a few weeks one tradfri lamp goes on in te night.
Recently 3 of them went on. According to the logging it was triggererd by the tradfri app. No flows are triggered. They are powered on.