[Request] Separate community categories for Homey Pro and Homey Bridge

Dear @Emile,
Dear Administrators (@Caseda, @Dijker, @johan_bendz, @Jamie, @PhilS),

Since the launch of the Homey Bridge, many new Homey Bridge users join the community and have questions about the setup of the Bridge, apps in reference to the Bridge, problems with the Bridge.
Unfortunately, it is often not clear that the questions relate to the Homey Bridge. Answers or help from Homey Pro users are sometimes not applicable and confuse the new Homey Bridge users (even more).

Therefore, my request is to have separate categories for Homey Pro users and Homey Bridge users in the community.
Accordingly, the “Welcome to the forum!” thread should be modified as well.

I guess @Dijker has already made a similar request, however I am not sure what the status is and if Athom is aware of it. That’s the reason I’m asking a (further) request of my own.
If the post is not welcome, please delete it.

With kind regards,


Hi Dirk,

We are currently discussing the best way to handle this going forward.

Have you got specific examples of bridge only discussions which should be moved?


Hi Jamie,

good to know that this topic is in progress, thanks for that!

I went through the list of recently updated Topics. These topics were updated in the last 3-4 hours:

I hope I understood you right and this is what you need.

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Hi Jamie,

(Edit), Athom really should of anticipated and pre-planned this before the bridge’s release and consulted with all the Mod’s before hand. (/Edit)

The whole release and marketing strategy of it has been a bit messy in my opinion.

Could I possibly suggest a new thread be opened up on the forum and get some input and ideas from all the user’s on how to adjust to all these new changes as it is actually quite a radical change.

Even just saying the word “Homey” now has multiple contexts and meanings to it.

I think it’s something that needs very careful thought , structuring and discussion. I think there needs to be a fairly radical change to the forum structure to avoid any confusion from the public and build a separation between the two products.

A contribution of multiple ideas and input by the members on here would be a good idea I think.


I’ve tried to help with questions a couple of times. It only turned out after a query that it was a bridge owner. Usually there should be two completely separate forums to avoid these misunderstandings.


There is nothing @Jamie or any other moderator can do about this.
This “community” forum is under full control by Athom. All they can do is ask and hope.
And then the “we know what users want” kicks in.

My apologies. I don’t know everyone on the forum. When he said “ We are currently discussing the best way to handle this going forward.” I assumed he was apart of Athom or was involved with them some how…

Guess that is not what they want,
Homey with an Homey Bridge and a Homey Pro have a lot common. but I know where they differ is not something many end users understand.

Jamie and I already asked/discussed in #Moderators. but we don’t have got that much response.
In my opinion you can’t and should not split everything,
but my guess would be:

  • Homey (Cloud)
  • Homey Bridge
  • Homey Pro (Including Older Homey’s )

I started with creating and applying Tags

and already split first topic as it was complete different where the user expected to have exact the same issue on a bridge (as a User on a “Pro” with Upgrade Issues ) :
(Problem Homey Bridge Not Connected )

I Already started with updating the Problem Wiki’s: and Pinned them again :wink:


Both the Bridge and Pro share the same Homey App - as well as many ‘driver apps’, if I am having an issue with my Fibaro switch, is it likely to be an issue with the Homey App, Hardware or Fibaro App?

Should there be a thread for Fibaro on bridge as well as pro? What about for each language?

What % of issues do you suspect a bridge user will have that a community bridge member can solve that a pro community member can not?

Do we want bridge users making suggestions for the ‘global app’ to be doing that in seclusion from pro users?

Given that the bridge is very much a consumer product, do we expect there to be a large amount of bridge users on the forums, will the information that pro users supply for flows etc still of of use to them or over the top?

@Russell_S hopefully you can see it’s a very interesting problem, but I think as time goes on we will get a clearer idea of the best way to manage this.