Homey Bridge...trouble..trouble with Aqara

At least for the time being, local WiFi devices will not be supported by the bridge. As for Zigbee or cloud-based devices, it depends on whether Athom will allow community developers access to Homey Cloud (some people say that Homey Cloud will be accessible for official brand apps only).

Which option during pairing are you using?
Homey > Zigbee or Aqara app > D1 switch?
Can you share a screenshot of the the manufacturer ID and product ID combinations for the three devices that were not recognized correctly?
Visible by going to Generic Zigbee device > settings > advanced settings > Zigbee device information
I will try to reproduce the issue today, if time permits.

The wireless switch shows:
manufacturer ID: LUMI
Product-ID: Lumi.sensor_86sw1

The integrated wall switches show no manufacturer ID but lumi.ctrl_neutral1

so then what is the whole point of Homey Bridge? I thought it was covering all devices to bring together in one system

No, that’s what’s the Homey Pro is for. The Homey Bridge is an accessory device for Homey Cloud to enable controlling some local devices (the most popular brands).

@Stephan1975, hence the frustration does not increase, please have a look on this advice before adding the Zigbee devices (when the problems are solved).
In short: First connect routers, then the end devices.

Thanks for your advice. I think you are mixing up Homey Pro with Homey Bridge. I can’t choose to add my M3 hub to it…just don’t have the choice.

I don’t think I’m mixing anything up.
I guess you want to connect your Aqara devices directly to the Homey Bridge, right?

Correct. There is no option in homey to add the aqara Hub…see here

That’s what I thought, or rather what I assumed (I have no Homey Bridge).
That’s why you need to add the Aqara Zigbee devices directly to the Homey Bridge, without the Aqara Hub.
The reason why I referred to the article “Advice on building a stable Zigbee network” is, because you wrote that you started adding end devices and no routers.

The bridge is still a beta product but if you can remain patient and give it some time you’ll find the Homey platform is pretty good… (though some things with it need to be fixed and improved) .

It does have a ton of potential. Id try it for at least a couple of months before making a decision to return it.

I don’t have any Zigbee experience but perhaps it not having a Zigbee router joined up first.

@Stephan1975 Thank you for providing the details; found the issue in filtering devices for Homey Cloud domain.
I’m finalizing the v1.3.3 update of the app that I will push to the app store today.

You’ll need to remove the devices that are not recognized properly and that were added as Generic Zigbee devices and re-include them based on the v1.3.3 app update. Based on this update, the devices will be recognized properly.


Hi Ted,
Yes there were some changes. But I have to say that this is maybe the most frustrating Beta test I have ever participated. I erased my Homey Bridge…also lost the beta access. I paid 10 Euros to add more than 5 devices…but now I can’t see it anywhere in my app. That means at the moment - 5 devices work, more don’t - and I don’t even get a message why I can’t add more devices.

This option is not yet available.

Homey Premium
During the first part of the beta, all accounts are treated as if they were subscribed to Homey Premium.
Nearing the end of the beta, Homey Premium will become available for purchase. Please keep this into account.

Edit: to be more clear, at this moment durung the beta there is no limitation in the number of devices!

Well…then something is clearly wrong. Homey doesn’t recognize any other Aqara device. Neither wireless switches nor those wall switches. Really frustrating and a lot of waste of time

Who did you pay 10 euros to then? And for what?

Something must be clearly wrong yes.

I am fed up with this rubbish device. Seems I have to wait until Aqara devices really work. I managed to have two switches connecting - more were not possible. Temperature and other sensors seem to work without problem. But the switches - wall or wireless just don’t want to connect (differently to Aqara Hub). I understand that this is a Beta…but I didn’t expect that we might have to wait for years until this is really running. Already saw on eBay people selling their Homey Bridge…seems the frustration is not only with me.

So seems also this forum has lost its answers. I have just erased all devices from Homey bridge and will deactivate it. My first impression a month ago has not changed. It is a device with no future.

What did Athom tell you about your issues?