Faulty product went live?

So apparently athom thought it was a good idea to go live with homey cloud and starting to charge people monthly for a faulty product. Understand they can’t have it in beta forever but to be paying for something that isn’t working seems kinda off. Mostly using hue and aqara products and they disappears, get disconnected and stops working often so you have to reinstall the app or remove and reinstall and reconfigure to get it working again.
And now after the live update the bridge stopped working… get passed the set up process and the just as it stops looking for updates it refuses to connect again. Wi-Fi is set up on a 2.4.
Anyone got a solution to this?
Anyone has a working bridge or cloud up and running or is the trash can the better option?

Sell the (*@#&^@# thing?

It seems you already made up your mind and it doesn’t sound like you really want advise to be honest… I think if you did a search you would have already found a number of recommendations and/or solutions for the things you mention…

”To be honest” I do want advice and I have not made up my mind… don’t make up things you see fit. Would I rather buy the pro? Sure.
I like homey and would want it to work it’s just a tad annoying that it hasn’t worked great thru the beta with no fixes and then they go live. Obviously have search for solutions and the solutions have been to keep reinstalling and so on.
The bridge woke up yesterday day by itself so I’ll see how long it stays functional this time.
I was interested to know if anyone has a cloud and bridge without problems.