Flows broken - Homey Bridge


I might have missed an answer to this in the forum so sorry for that in advance.

2-3 days ago all my flows stopped working. Non respond in any way. I haven’t changed anything to my flows or home setup.

Is there an isuue with flows that is causing this?

Please help, Peter

Reboot / ptp what did you do to resolve?

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Search around for the forum for other threads from people with the same problem. Apparently there’s something wrong with Homey Cloud. Contact Athom about it.

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I have rebooted twice, looked at the flows thourughly and tried them one by one. A few work, but all worked before. Something must have changed but as far as I am aware I haven’t introduced anything new.

And what exactly do you expect from us? Maybe you could share some flows, what apps are you using? And most probably you will need to contact athom since there is not much we can do.

From you Martin, probably not much. A question is only a question until a respons gives a solution.

So until then, I would expect that if anyone have experienced the same and have an idea to what is wrong they would give a respons.

If they haven’t, there is no reason to respond with ”what do you expect of us”. If you take the time to write that, then you have to much time on your hands.

So to anyone that might read this, the solution is not ask a question!

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I have seen some issues on different channels that the flows on the Homey Cloud stopped working recently. Not yet seen a official confirmation.

Yes but you totally lack any information. No devices mentioned, no apps, no flows, nothing. Just saying it doesn’t work doesn’t help.

Hopefully it is a athom problem and everything will start working again if and when they have solved their issues. I would suggest to open a support ticket.

You know you signed up for a BETA, instable and with issues !!!

Yes, just leave your new service in permanent beta so you can always blame the customer if they expect a working service :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Beta - buggy, free
Final - priced, has to work

find the difference …
you act like its on the market for years

You forgot:

Experimental - something that used to work got broken, so we moved it to “experimental” so we don’t have to care about it anymore.

Hello, i am having the same issue, My flows don’t seem to work either but since i am new to homey beta i wanted to ask the community first to be sure i am setting them up correctly before sending any feedback. I do not see this listed as a current issue on there beta page so im not sure. i had a ISY994iPro in the past and it allowed a similar design using else but no matter how i’ve configured the flow for night time, before sunset etc they only work when i hit the test button. i attached some flows i have been trying to get work

Looks like a different issue.

This topic was in the beginning of the beta where two issues existed. First at a time flows didn’t work for some time and second flows appeared broken but worked

Solved Issues

:white_check_mark: Flows may appear broken, but they will still work

Broken flows have cards for fe devices that are removed or unavailable.

Guess you are expecting something else but you don’t tell how you tested or verified it.
Please add some logging to flows fe by writing to the timeline.

Fe 3rd flow
Where on earth do you live that 1 minute before sunset you expect it is before sunrise?
And afaik before sunset it never is night …

So yes this las one only works if you press test at a moment one of the conditions are true but never at he moment it is triggered by Homey 1 minute before sunset. It will always execute the else part

  • 1st flow should work. Try it to remove the AND card to see if that’s the culprit

  • 2nd flow is a bit weird. At sunset it turns the light on when it was off, and turns the light off when it’s on.
    Try this one also without the AND card and without the THEN ELSE card.

  • 3rd flow should be something like
    The sun sets
    kitchen island Turn on

  • To turn it off, you could try:
    Last person went to sleep
    Last person went away
    sun rise
    Kitchen island Turn off

thank you both for the feed back, Peter i have removed those cards from 1 & 2 , and will test, For the 3rd are you wanting me to create 2 flows instead of 1 with Else?. (pic) i have 3 options for the when card, would it be best to set the card with 0 minutes for flows that i want to use for ON at night and OFF during the day? i normally change the minutes around to help avoid to many commands being sent at once, i have alot of decorations to turn off and on right now and im using Homey and HS4 at the same time
I also looked at my phone (pic) and it looks that my Presence is not picked up for some reason, i check permissions on my phone and it has GPS all the time. On my HS4 system i use life360 to trigger events for location but this is not available for Homey Beta

yes… for some of the cards i was messing with different cards to see if i could find different ways to do the same things and get it to work… but i have used the AND is turned on or off in events for hs4 , Like a motion sensor, virtual switches or to over ride a event if someone turns a device on/off manually so i figured id try that to see if it could help .

i have been testing them by hitting the button or waiting to see if they trigger when i want them too, i haven’t found where i can access any logs, that would be very helpful,
Since im using the Homey beta where would i need to look to find these