Homey Bridge. A useless product that will only bring you frustration and extra work?


I have an Homey Bridge and is very unhappy with this product. I have added some Fibaro wall plugs (Homey app error: driver unavailable) and some Aqara temp sensors (Homey app error: 502 bad gateway) All have stopped working. We buy this product to make our lifes easier, not to add more work and frustration. When I add a new fibaro wall plug to the app i expect that to work on first try and work for 10 years + without issues. I get that this was a new product some time ago, but the beta cant last forever?

Please homey team. End beta and resolve all problems or call back the product form all customers and reimburse them fully.


Write to Athom instead https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/requests/new

Ok. I will do that. Thanks.

To answer your question: yes. I turned it off. Maybe one day it would be of use as something other than a door stopper.


It was a reasonable idea but could have been so much better with a little more work. Not implementing local IP connectivity was just overly restrictive. Limiting cloud connectivity and apps is very short sighted too.

They could argue it could have required more support - but if you’ve ever experienced Athom support you know that isn’t a real concern to them.

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How long has the bridge had beta status? Seems like forever. The product has some huge limitations to begin with. On top of that it’s terribly unstable. Connection drops regularly and added devices keep breaking, which in turn breaks flows. And I can’t find any information about when the beta period will end, or when issues will be fixed, or if they are even being worked on. Any time anyone asks anything, they just get the answer that it is in beta so be quiet about it. The whole situation is super odd to me. Is the bridge dead even before the product is final, vapourware? Kind of feels like it. At this speed, the home bridge will be an outdated dinosaur when/if it ever becomes a non-beta product.

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Only 260 days. Google Mail was in beta 5 years, so Athom still has some time to go.

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Google Mails main features worked pretty reliably even in beta tho :laughing:

even as a door stopper, the bridge is too light.


Seriously. I signed up for the beta program and bought one and was so excited the way they made it sound. They made it seem as if it was going to allow us to connect any z-wave, zigbee, ble, IR, or wifi device and then use this to bridge it to homekit. It’s a bridge at what point is it going to provide a single useful function and allow me to bridge that function to homekit? So far anything I have added i had to remove. It was making my $1000 roomba which has always worked flawlessly go nuts. It made it completely useless it would just stop in the middle of the floor and say it was stuck. I finally removed it from homey and the issues stopped immediately. If doesn’t even provide enough usefulness for someone to start programming to connect it to homebridge there’s nothing at all on there. Nothing has changed in the beta its still just the same couple brands that I cant even bridge to homekit anyway so it does me no good. It has IR i guess but so does the $10 device i bought that can go in any room and is exposed through homebridge to homekit. I am so disappointed I had high hopes.

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Budget doesn’t seem to be an issue :upside_down_face: So why buy the bridge and not the Pro?

The bridge is for connecting Zwave, Zigbee, IR and 433MHz devices to Homey. It specifically says no local network devices are supported.

The WiFi is just to connect the bridge to Homey.

I don’t use homeykit so I haven’t noticed anything that says it will bridge to that.