Homey Bridge. A useless product that will only bring you frustration and extra work?


I have an Homey Bridge and is very unhappy with this product. I have added some Fibaro wall plugs (Homey app error: driver unavailable) and some Aqara temp sensors (Homey app error: 502 bad gateway) All have stopped working. We buy this product to make our lifes easier, not to add more work and frustration. When I add a new fibaro wall plug to the app i expect that to work on first try and work for 10 years + without issues. I get that this was a new product some time ago, but the beta cant last forever?

Please homey team. End beta and resolve all problems or call back the product form all customers and reimburse them fully.


Write to Athom instead https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/requests/new

Ok. I will do that. Thanks.

To answer your question: yes. I turned it off. Maybe one day it would be of use as something other than a door stopper.

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It was a reasonable idea but could have been so much better with a little more work. Not implementing local IP connectivity was just overly restrictive. Limiting cloud connectivity and apps is very short sighted too.

They could argue it could have required more support - but if you’ve ever experienced Athom support you know that isn’t a real concern to them.