Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)

Athom updated the Homey App Store you can select Homey beta or Homey Pro

and when you scroll down, you’ll get the option to filter on platform and category and/or technology (Zigbee, Zwave, RF 433 Mhz, IR, Bluetooth LE, Cloud etc. )
Link: https://homey.app/en-gb/apps/browse/#filter?platform=cloud

Homey beta status: https://homey.app/en-us/wiki/homey-beta-status/

We decided to create a list of apps.

It also shows a quick view of the difference, app wise, between the
Homey (Cloud & Bridge) (now ~ 82 Apps available)
and Homey Pro (all white spheres types) wherefore approximately ~ 544 Apps are published in the Homey AppsStore. (38 Apps are still SDK 1 and only for Homey Firmware < 5.0.0 )

• So these are the apps available for now
• Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant have integrations

We have apps in 3 categories:
• Homey (Cloud, WITHOUT Bridge)
• Homey + Bridge (Cloud WITH Bridge)
• Homey Pro Only



Apps that require local WiFi device access, can’t be installed/used, because the Bridge cannot access such devices.


  • Homey Pro Only
    (Undecided for Homey Cloud, we can only speculate)
    Almost every app above, and all store.homey.community apps

You can assume every other of the > 450 Apps that are not yet available for Homey beta either isn’t coming soon, or isn’t possible (LAN), or to Technical according to Athoms Usage policy until the developer communicates about it or provides a /test release.

If you think something is not correct, or you want to add an app to the list, feel free to adjust the list.
Please keep it in alfabetical order


Hey Peter, thx for replying.

Some of the apps I’ve tried to install, are:
Aqara & Xiaomi zigbee
IKEA Trådfri
These are all on the “Live” list.

But that not the real issue, the issue are that when I press install on any app. it looks like it starts installing, where the install button are toned down with an overlay of 3 dots in the sender that are “Pulsating” like when it’s installing on my Homey pro, but it just stays like that and nothing more happens.

Is this about the beta, Peter?
If so

If it’s about the Pro:
You should be able to install any app.
It sounds like you’re not logged on @ the app store.

Its working now, I had to select both the “homey beta” button and again after I pressed the install button, then it worked.

But I still can’t install the Homey community store installer.
but it might be because of windows 11 have some issues-

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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That is because that isn’t possible on Homey (cloud/bridge), Homey’s (cloud) way of installing apps is totally different (in the cloud/on servers of Athom) then Homey Pro (local on the Homey), Homey community store can only install apps locally on a Homey Pro, it doesn’t have access to servers needed for Homey (cloud).

after a couple of Seconds you shouel see
and that’s it for Homey

After opening the Add Device Wizard you should see the Apps/brands you installed and maybe some other Homey “discovered.” (First Row with White + above. )

First of all, thank you for this list ! Could you please add the Somfy RTS Appli pour Homey | Homey app also ?

I just got my beta key and I’m (im)patiently awaiting a Tuya, Switchbot and Somfy-RTS !

Hello Dijker

Thanks, :slight_smile: I got it to work, I just had to press “Homey Beta” further down on the page first and then again after pressing install.

But thank you for replying also.


Thanks for pointing that out, that I didn’t know.

But I also need community store for my homey PRO.
And it’s the install file itself that won’t install, so it shouldn’t have anything to do with the Homey Bridge.
It just starts to install and says “Sorry this will take a while” .
and nothing happens after that.


You’re welcome.
This list only reflects what’s possible @ Homey (cloud/bridge version) at this point in time.
Your requests shoud be aimed at Athom: support@athom.com
(while the community is not in control :grin::+1:)

It’s mentioned right below the listing, I guess you missed it.
I just emphasized it a bit, for more clarity :grin:

Tuya and switchbot are not official apps made by athom or the brand. I don’t know if this apps will be available.
I think the best way to have this apps is contact homey and brands.
I contact tuya but they don’t care about my question. Today i send an e-mail to switchbot and received this “Unfortunately, our products haven’t been integrated with Homey yet.
I will forward your idea to our developers and they will consider it seriously.
Hopefully, it will be released in the future.” and after my answer they said “It’s a pity that we haven’t work with them. We will try our best to solve this problem. Thank you so much for your suggestion.”

If more people contact switchbot maybe they really think about it.


Thank you, I will contact them too.
Can you please give the email or link that you used ?

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I used this link Submit a request – SwitchBot Help Center

And for tuya I used this e-mail service@tuya.com but i don’t know if is the right one.

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Suggestion for changing the list as some apps are without Bridge an option.

Homey (Cloud, without the bridge)

  • Bosch-Siemens Home Connect

Homey + Homey Bridge (Cloud WITH Bridge)

  • Everything above +
  • Eurotronic Technology (/Test)
  • Etc…

Homey Pro Only Apps
(Undecided for Cloud, we can only speculate)

  • Almnost everything Above +
  • etc

What do you think about IFTTT? Do you think it will be available for Beta?

Ask IFTTT is the only way to go. They are the developer of that app.

I am working with SwitchBot and Athom on adding my integration to Homey cloud. It is currently available on the cloud / bridge as a test version but that doesn’t mean that Athom will accept it to go ‘live’. The guide lines state the device shouldn’t require a third party app but SwitchBot products can only be configured via the SwitchBot phone app. Also, you need to obtain the API key for cloud to cloud communications via the SwitchBot phone app which might be considered too technical for the target customer.

The test version supports the SwitchBot hub via cloud to cloud and direct BLE via the bridge.

P.S. Please do get in touch with SwitchBot to request the integration as that will give me more power to request additional features if they are required. If they see that there is a good market via Homey then they will be more willing to help me with new features like an easier login method.
So far they have supplied me with a few devices before they were launched and notify me of changes to the API, etc.


I have done that but no answer.

Wish Athom had a list with which companies they are working with to get apps for Beta.

Thanks for the info. And thanks for you work.
I hope Atom accept the app.

I will continue to get in touch with switchbot and i will talk with a few friend to contact them too.

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