Not compatible with Homey Bridge

It seems the Bridge is not compatible with Somfy Tahoma app, not with Google Chromecast, Honeywell Evohome. Is that true?
While selecting the Bridge device it is not clear.

How to connwct 433 device?

Welcome to the forum. The test version of the Tahoma app is designed for Homey beta. It will not require the bridge as it communicates with cloud services. You can find it here:

Chromecast will most likely never be supported as it requires local network access, which the bridge is not designed to provide. That may also be true for Evohome, I do not think they offer cloud access and they do not communicate using z-wave, zigbee, bluetooth or 433 MHz.

As with Pro, all protocol require apps for the specific brand and model of your devices. 433MHz devices from KlikAanKlikUit have an app that is compatible, so that will work. You need to look up specific brands in the app store.

In general Athom will require developers to be verified (and pay a yearly fee) to make sure that software that runs in their cloud is good enough. That will mean a lot of community apps will never make it to the cloud offering. Athom is betting on the device vendors to implement most apps.

Athom also thinks all tools apps are too complex for cloud users, to pretty much any app in the tool section will not be supported.

There are various topics about this on the forum going into the details, mostly in Dutch but by the look of your name you may speak Dutch?

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loek of your name :joy:


Here’s an overview:

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Zeker Edwin, Nederlands is iets makkelijker voor mij.
Thanks for sharing the test app Tahoma! That works. I can find my sun and temp sensors and reach my sunscreens. Top!

Thanks Peter, I found the same link before.

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