Homey bridge and Homekit


I am unabled to install the homekit app with the new homey bridge
Neither the somfy rts app

Is it planned to be supported ? Or do i have to return this bridge in order to buy a classic homey pro witch seems to support all of it ?

Homekit will not be supported because it requires local LAN access to the Bridge, which isn’t something the Bridge supports. I don’t know about Somfy RTS.

Thanks for the answer

So bad that Athom does not announce clearly these limitations.
I will return my homey bridge asap

I’ve lately been seeing lots of enquiries like this from new users, with more and more coming day by day.

Is it just me or have Athom done virtually no product differentiation at all between the Pro and the Bridge on their website or in their marketing ? ?

As an example I just took two screen caps of the HomeyKit App page on the Athom website.(see below)

One for phone view, one for tablet view…

A quick note, Rob has no control of how this page is displayed. (Except one small part on the right) otherwise is under Athoms control.

If I were a new prospective buyer looking to buy a Homey Bridge and I saw this App (or any of the others) listed on Athoms website, would I be stupid to assume it works on the bridge. ?

The app pages say nothing about not being compatible at all ?

It’s confusing so many new buyers.

Wait until the Bridge hits the mass market. This forum will get totally and utterly snowed big time with enquiries and complaints .

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You found a bug @Russell_S :+1:
B/c there should be a Homey Pro/Homey beta button below the readme.

Screenshot from an other app:

It is specified though, at the bottom of each app page. But very, very unclear, especially for the targeted audience (quote from the AMA vid: “Homey Pro is more for techies, Homey cloud is more for our parents”).
Screenshot of your screenshot above;

Athom promised they’ll going to create a distinguished separation in the app store between the Pro and Cloud version, so it’ll be instantly clear which apps are available (for now) for the cloud Homey.
They concluded themselves the app store needs to be updated b/c of the new Homey, but they are focussing on the beta bugfixes for now.

So, @robertklep, how did you manage to hide the Pro/Beta buttons on the Homeykit app page :rofl::crazy_face:

My guess is that someone at Athom thought they were clever: because SDKv2 apps cannot exist for Homey Cloud/Bridge, they just don’t show anything. Rather confusing, but Athom isn’t really known for thinking like a user :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, well, I guess “NO. NOT FOR CLOUD/BRIDGE. REALLY. NO” on top if the pages is a better idea then, regarding all the confused cloud/bridge users.
Or better, hide the complete page.

You’re slightly wrong though, because We know what users want:crazy_face:

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Yes, users want to receive a Bridge and not be able to use it when they receive it :wink:

Exactly, it’s nice to show the bridge next to your tv set and watch the led’s :partying_face: (does it have led’s?)

You should know that the LEDs only work if you have received a code. But it can be used as a puck in ice hockey …:v:

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You knew you can charge your phone with it too?

Maybe with their next product they pre-prepare and plan all the marketing first , thennnn release the product… lol

Yeah, I did see that icon last week… It was very unintuitive… New users won’t understand it. Probably why they deleted it…

Hi there, I’m running into the same problem, just bought the Homey Bridge today. Is there any new updates on this, will it be supported anytime soon?

If you mean HomeKit: no, the Bridge won’t support it anytime soon, and probably never will.

Thank you for the fast reply, that’s to bad. Have to return it than :frowning: