When will there be more apps for the bridge

So i got the bridge, but sadly there is not many apps working with the bridge. Is there any roadmap for the beta ? Or is this just to tempt me to buy a pro…


No one knows, try support@athom.com please.
These are the currently available not many apps, but it’s a start:

As Athom wil only allow verified developers that pay 99 euro per year (vendors, not community developers) and considers all apps under tools too advanced for Bridge users, and because apps for local lan only devices will never work, the number of apps will always be significantly lower.

Hmm maybe i was to early on the trigger. Didn’t even catch that. Maybe I’ll just send it back and keep tinkering with HA…


And here i was thinking it was community driven, didn’t know you had to pay as a developer. If they want this idea to get off the ground they better start getting some apps for it, i also bought it and feel with what you’ve written i made a terrible mistake

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Strange that they not even implemented the most basic function like Hues accessories. Don’t know what to use the bridge to when I need to use some other system to control my lamps.

How do I get Switchbot working on Homey-bridge using /test channel 6?
Adding the App is not allowed with Homey beta w/wo Bridge. The bridge is needed for BLE signals.

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My crystal sphere fails again,

What is the error you get?
I installed just the app on a Homey without a Bridge and also on a Homey with a Homey Bridge.
No problems.

Did you logon to the Homey.app site?


You can borrow mine if you like :wink:

There are many Apps that react in this way. The only apps I can use now are Netatmo (working great) and Hue (only bulbs and plugs, no sensors).
Very limited (when CO2 -bedroom is low, turn on bulb in living…).

The Bridge is a very limited device, that’s why it’s so cheap.

Well i disagree. I saw the demo and introduction. It made me belive it had the same capabilities as the pro, but the processing is done by their cloud servers. So you have to relay on internett and a paid subscription.

It hasn’t: the Bridge has no (and will very likely never get) support for locally accessed networked devices, HomeyScript, “tools” apps and most community apps.

So i noticed. But hard to see that from the intro and demo they had selling the bridge . Or maybe that’s just me. I guess always go for pro :slight_smile:

That was just a sales pitch, not reality :wink:

I very much agree with this understanding of their demo. Since it is in beta, I hope they will develop/adjust more apps for the bridge (soon).

For the Switchbot app you need to add /test to the end of the URL to get the Homey cloud / bridge version.
It is still work in progress as waiting for SwitchBot to enhance the login method and add Webhooks to make it properly compliant with the rules.

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Hello, i am also trying to install the Test beta app for Switchbot and i get the same error as randy. I wanted to see if some can give me quick how 2? i go to the apps section on the android app and i can search for switchbot which has the beta option grayed out but i dont see anyway to add the /test there because it shows a locked icon by the homey.app address. if i tell it to open in chrome, and log in it allows me to use the /test but it says no app manager available.

What i have so far:
i installed the app with my beta code and setup lifx, Wiz and Tp link using the apps option (homey.app) and they are working. i just added the bridge to my Homey App yesterday and it shows up in devices but when i tap on it, it says no available controls
hardware info:
beta user with bridge

Any info or suggestions would be appreciated, i am currently using Homeseer HS4 so i’m not familiar with Homey

It seems the error for no app manager happens quite often but is random so keep trying. Also try installing from a PC or Mac by going to the link SwitchBot | Homey

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Thanks Adrian, i have been clicking on that install button a few times a day but i wasn’t sure if i would get hit with a warning for trying so many times