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Hi all,
I have a Homey Bridge up and running.
Unfortunately it’s so new that I can’t use it because all of the apps and fuctions I need are still not working and there is no till little news what’s upcomming.
My question is: When are the Homey Pro apps implemented for a Homey Bridge?

A lot of “the Homey Pro apps” will not be implemented for the Bridge: apps that are marked as “tools”, apps that require local network access, and most apps from community developers will never be ported to the Bridge.

Oke, your answer is kinda the opposit what the keynote speach was. Hopefully it’s not so bad as it sound…

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Guess you heard or remembered something else from the keynote than I did.
What made you think there would come Pro Apps to the Bridge / Cloud Homey?

This is a somewhat more realistic view on Homey cloud / bridge

Athom sold a lot of Bridge devices while claiming that it supported the same number of devices as the Pro:

They only recently stopped advertising it like this.


This is also not helping, it looks like you can use WiFi / LAN devices and/or services, while the WiFi radio can only be used to connect it to internet.


Thanks! This video makes more sense en feels more realistic than the keynote video. It seems that I would use more “pro” functions while it’s not possible. Now I fully understand the — at “Lokale WIFI” while I thought it’s a — because it’s in the cloud not because loosing compateble with local WIFI products.

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I’m a bit surprised with this as well.

I just received my homey bridge and during setup I find out I can’t control my yeelight on LAN and I can’t operate my magic home led strip.

Any ideas if these functionalities are going to be on homey bridge any time soon or should I just return the product?

Homey Bridge does not, and very likely will never, support LAN devices.

Alright, thanks very much for your reply.

To me it seemed like the hub can do the same as the pro.

Well, that one is going back, now I’m on the fence for the pro. Price is a bit of a thing for me.

Hello MrPhill,

That is true. You can’t control this directly by LAN. However you should control Yeelight if you have a Yeelight cloud login which Homey uses.

My solution is to stop using Wifi products like light switches, lights or wall plugs. I use now mostly Zigbee product. Extra bonus is that it’s easier and safer to. However the bridge is in my opinion in such early stage that also some Zigbee products are not supported yet. They will be, but they can’t say when.

I had a Homey pro for a few weeks and that is fully grow up and great! Better that for instance Fibaro home or Tuya.

Still I choose to keep the Bridge because it’s much cheaper and I like playing around and help Athom.

I did add the cloud login but to make the operation light on/set temperature /set brightness I need to put in 3 delays which is just very undesirable.
Attached to that is led strip which isn’t working with the hub. (sadly can’t control it through IR either)

I agree that I should switch to zigbee but my lamps arent at this moment and I’m not going to buy new ones because of the hub.

If I’m going to invest more I think its better to go for the pro and slowly transfer to other smart devices.

Why did you need to put in 3 delays? If it is because otherwise one (or more) of the commands wasn’t getting executed, there’s a substantial chance that it won’t work properly on Homey Pro either.

Yes, some commands don’t get executed. I was of the assumption that this was caused by the delay when communicating with the cloud server (I do notice delays with the yeelight app sometimes as well).
Maybe I haven’t looked well enough but I can’t seem to find a way to send all commands at once though homey.
My guess was that this wouldn’t be an issue when communicating directly with the lamp on LAN.

Homey (also Pro) is not very good at sending multiple commands from flows, you’ll find that a lot of people (like yourself) are using delays in between the cards to “fix” that problem.

Hmm that’s quite disapointing.

I was really hoping homey would have the same functionality as home assistant. The hub with all the technology in it is really awesome but a bit useless if you can’t use it how you want.

Any idea if I can use homey through home assistant so I can use the wireless tech but still be able to automate how I want? I have done a quick google search but can’t find too much.

There’s a Home Assistant integration for Homey: GitHub - rogro82/io.homeassistant: Home-assistant integration for Homey

The MQTT Hub app can also be used to integration Homey with Home Assistant.

Guess you should read for Homey Pro here…
Imho not quite a solution for the topic starter or MrPhill at this moment.

Same for MQTT hub app that’s only for Pro

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Ah of course, no such luck for Homey Bridge users :frowning: