Apps on Homey (beta)

Hi, just a quick one - Installing apps on the app-only version (no hardware) like extensions for additional 3rd party hardware to work… nothing seems to be able to be installed; is that expected because it’s in beta and will eventually work with a subscription, or will I need to buy a Homey Hub? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t know what extensions/apps you’re trying to install, so hard to tell.

But as a rule of thumb:

  • devices that are controlled over local (W)LAN will not be supported
  • apps from community developers will not be supported (unless they have a lot of users, in which case Athom will bend their rules on “brand only”).

Hi, thanks for replying!

So. I’m looking at the likes of Sonoff, LIFX, Magic Hue, Broadlink etc. all cloud-based not local.

Thanks again

  • Sonoff: local access only
  • LIFX: the app says it’s Beta-ready
  • Magic Hue: do you mean Magic Home? If so, this requires local access
  • Broadlink: local access only

Ah, sorry… currently all controllable through cloud accounts through their respective servers, none are controlled locally so just assumed.

So would the cheaper new hardware (puck shaped thing) sort this out or would I need the more expensive (spherical shaped) thing?

Here’s an overview