Home Bridge does not find any network device

My new Homey Bridge does not find any device on the network. It’s nicely wifi connected and perfectly accessible via the App or webbrowser. Already performed a reset but this does not help. Neither can I add devices by IP or so. Anyone experienced or solved this?

Homey Bridge has no support for local networked devices, you need a Homey Pro for that.

Totally unclear for me that the bridge could not do this. Thnx for the swift reply!

It’s a real shame as that would be the most useful aspect to me.

For example my mums TV is controllable over IP and has a wireless remote (not IR) consequently can’t use it with Homey Bridge. Similar with weather station. Also WiFi controlled plugs… but those could be swapped out for Z-Wave or ZigBee.

It’s a deliberate dumb down I guess. Shame…


I expect many consumers will be disappointed once they discover this. I personally think it’s a bad move but time will tell… :roll_eyes:

That’s if it’s a strategic choice by Athom , not due to technically not being possible. Can’t see why though.

I think that all the features that the Bridge has (Zigbee, Z-Wave, RF, etc) are handled by separate processors. For local network connections, all logic has to run on the main processor, and perhaps Athom has decided that that would take up too much processing time.

Also, the separate processors will all have a fixed command structure, for which it’s relatively easy to determine required bandwidth, whereas a network connection can carry any type (and amount!) of data (and yes, bandwidth is cheap, but there are also issues with latency).

It’s honestly very disappointing. I did not expect this at all. I’m using Home Assistant on a Pi now and was really in the assumption the Homey Bridge could run with local network devices. And I was really willing to pay a monthly subscription to have a next gen home automation control.
It’s sadly this choice and I will return my Homey Bridge as it does not have a use case for now.

no local wifi, also the bridge does not support any community apps.
So if athom or the manufactor of your device does not have an APP themselve then the change is very big that the device will not be supported, this doesn’t matter if it is zwave, zigbee etc…
There are only a handfull of community apps certified for the Homey bridge…

Athom does not allow the community to publish apps for the bridge without the developer pays a subscription fee and athom aproves the app after intensive testing…

I bought the Bridge to support my Wifi stuff…

I’m confused…

The WiFi logo would indeed suggest that Homey Bridge supports WiFi devices, but it doesn’t. It only uses WiFi to connect to the cloud, but it cannot handle local WiFi devices. And “connect all your devices at home that aren’t connected to the cloud” could be considered false advertising, because not only does it not support local WiFi devices, it also supports much less apps than Homey Pro.

(I guess at some point Athom will have to change all that marketing talk if they want to prevent a class action lawsuit from litigation-happy Americans)

I don’t get it. The bridge must be communicating as an ip client to homey cloud … almost certainly https

Most local”monitoring” is a single https request and a few bytes of data - a good example is my Tesla Powerwall , it’s tiny amounts of data every (say) 5 minutes.

A limited number of apps is fine by me, but no apps is just plain annoying it doesn’t make sense to me …

The Bridge’s microcontroller is just too limited, and even though some devices may only transmit a limited number of bytes, others (Hue bridge for example) can easily generate multiple GB’s a day.

Completely true , but Hue is in the cloud and not locally needed , like many things. I’d be fine with a transactions/hour or bytes/hour limit.

I’m just naming an example of a device that can also be connected locally.