Bridge: Control devices or flows from Home Assistant


I have set up a Home Assistant in my home, for it’s dashboard. I want to keep using my Homey Bridge for automation, most importantly because it supports all protocols (Zigbee/Z-Wave/433) in a box.

I can’t find any out of the box Home Assistant plugins for Homey, so I guess I have to create some things myself. Unfortunately the Homey Bridge doesn’t support MQTT, so I was thinking about creating API calls to turn devices on and off. I am not a developer or programmer, so I won’t be able to poll devices for their status I think, but just calling a device on/off or a specific flow would already help me out.

Would anyone be able to give me some guidance on how to do this?


I don’t know if Homey Cloud/Bridge supports webhooks, but if so, you could use those to trigger flows from HA (using the logic card “<event> is ontvangen”).

There is a HA app for Homey cloud.
Perhaps you can define a kind of virtual switch in HA, import this device with the HA app into homey and react with flows on state changes of that imported virtual device to switch your local devices.

The HA device must de a device, not an entity only.


Completely forgot about that app! You only have to expose your HA installation to the internet, so be very careful :grimacing:


Thanks for your fast replies guys! This seems like a good idea, I’ll look into it.

If I need to expose HA to the internet, can I limit API access to certain IP adresses? Is the Homey IP range fixed and disclosed?

Yeah, that’s right. I haven’t tried this app yet. So it’s only theory.
And I don’t know it’s useable with the cloud access over HA subscription or if need to allow access via port forwarding. At the end there will be the same security problems.
But hey, with Homey cloud, your home is already in the cloud :smile:

I think the HA access is using the user logon with allowing this client for HA. You should see a new client token in the HA setting. So I would assume, it’s client specific access.

If you have a firewall with custom rules, you could perhaps allow the IP range of the Athom servers. But I don’t know if the have a fixed range or if it’s dynamic based on load balance of their cloud provider. So a IP whitelist could be a solution?