What options to link a real Homey and a cloud Homey or Bridge?

What possibility is there for an app that could link a cloud based Homey with or without Bridge to a real Homey? Can a bridge communicate with local devices over IP? I just want a few linked devices.

Whilst MQTT might be an overly optimistic option could a device ‘mirror’ app be created to bring a cloud device into a local real Homey realtime? I know it could between real Homeys.

I’m also thinking of a Homey Bridge in a remote location (my 90 year old mothers house) where I could keep an eye on security and also motion and other sensors so I know all is well.

  • Bridges cannot access local devices over IP
  • MQTT is Pro-only and will not be approved as part of any Homey Cloud app

I don’t think there is any way to do that. I own two homeys myself and have linked them to MQTT. In the case of non-resident Homeys, there is still the option to do this via webhooks. I think we’ll have to wait until more bridges are up and running.

Could a Homey Pro app poll the status of a device on a cloud Homey? I realise polling is a poor methodology.

@undertaker - yes MQTT is central to my whole setup too here and I have several different controllers linked that way.

Ahh webhooks - do we think a cloud Homey could call webhooks on a Homey Pro?

That’s a real shame……

I’m afraid not. As far as I know, that kind of stuff is labeled ‘too techie’.
Homey Cloud is aimed at simple and quick (lights) automation for newcomers, with no configuration puzzles and ‘difficult questions’ at setting apps or devices or flows up.
Something like that. :hugs: