Nanoleaf to Homey Bridge

Will Nanoleaf App become available for Homey Bridge? Any ETA?

You are asking that on the wrong place, you should ask the developers (if you want to be sure).

But I don’t think it will ever end up on Homey (cloud) as the app only uses a local connection, Homey (cloud) doesn’t work with local network devices, even with a Homey Bridge.


Thank you for clarifying. I was of the assumption that Homey Bridge would support anything supported by Homey Pro and beyond, seeing that it is “The last smart Home Hub you’ll ever need”.

I should check with the developers.

I don’t like to bring the bad news, but there is a reason why Homey Pro is called “Pro”.
This support page (click) gives you want Homey (/with Bridge) supports Vs Homey Pro.
Though that doesn’t take into account the amount of “tools apps” that will never be supported by Homey Cloud (/Bridge)