Homey Pro vs Bridge long term


Long story short - I bought a Homey Bridge and a Homey Pro… now I should really choose one of them (and return the other).

While the Bridge seems like a great idea I’m a bit sceptical to the development of apps to it. The strength of the Pro is of course that it supports so much devices and I’m not sure we will ever get there with the bridge. What’s your thoughts on this?

I’m primarily thinking smaller, older devices (such as POPP-Z-wave radiators, Flic-buttons and Yale doorman devices). Am I wrong in assuming that we will not see support for these anytime soon?

The 99€ developer fee as well as apps being quite fundamental different makes me sceptical but I also think that there are things that will never be possible with the bridge due to its cloud dependency - is that right?


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Hi Olle,

Watch the AMA I’d say.

With the cloud/bridge version you’d be limited to the collaborating brands as how I understand the idea behind it.
All the nice 3rd party developer apps aren’t going to be available in general, with some exceptions.

You ordered both, so I suppose you have the money to spend on a Pro.
Then I would definately keep that one. I gives you so much more possibilities. Even the ones you cannot think of now, because (warning!) Homey is a bit addictive… :slight_smile:

I agree with @Henk_Renting, go for the Pro.

The bridge is a low budget option for users that are just testing the home automation scene or have very simple needs. It’s great for that purpose. Athom have to be more careful about the apps that run on it as potentially a bad app could cause problems on the servers and affected many users.

The Pro is more expensive but you get what you pay for. Athom can allow apps that are less well tested as it’s just your Homey Pro that will be affected by bugs.
Having said that, most community apps behave very well and are well supported by the developer. I run more community apps on my Pro than official ones and I’ve never had a problem.

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I used to have a Pro that I used to run my old house. Had all kinds of amazing stuff running and was SUPER happy. Sold the house and sold the Pro with the house to be nice.

Watched the release event and ordered the Bridge, not paying much attention to the details. I’m a big cloud fan and assumed the runtime would be contained enough to run whatever (more or less) I could run locally on the Pro…

A couple of weeks ago I unwrapped the Bridge and after fumbling for a day or two I have concluded that this product is crap.

Considering the extreme complexity and lack of collaboration across all the smart devices, standards, players and products, the community developed apps and the flexibility of interconnecting across various services (such as using IFTTT as a make shift duct tape when everything else fails) is simply magic. The lack of this capability on the Bridge makes it garbage.

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